Thursday, January 05, 2012

Holiday Chows

Rundown of my holiday chows.

Inagiku - business lunch with colleagues from Singapore.

A high-end Japanese restaurant located at Makati Shangrila Hotel.  I DIED at my Bento meal.  It's GINORMOUS!!  And as much as I love Japanese food, I wasn't able to finish everything. :P

Sentosa Singapore Restaurant at Edsa Shangrila Mall - catch up with my good friend Jates who's back from San Francisco.

Oh, how I miss Singapore!!  Something felt wrong while we were eating our food, I couldn't quite pinpoint it at the beginning and it was only later when I found out that I wasn't eating using chopsticks.  How odd!!  If they wanna bring Singapore goodies here in the PH, then they should have those readily available at the table right?  Anyway, I recommend the Hainanese chicken and the baby squid.  Soooo good!!! :)

Mann Hann at Market Market - with Samsung friends

We established an unspoken agreement that we should meet up before the year ends and since everybody was busy during the last week, we scheduled it two days ago.  And so that is why, the holiday chows did not end for me last year. :(  Yummy Pata Tim!!  I was surprised that they serve Filipino dish in there (it is an original Pinoy dish right? I'm not so sure.)  Haha!!

Yakimix at Greenbelt3 - with college friends from Singapore.

This set of "pasaways" went home very late (like 30th and 31st, sila na ang humabol sa New Year, lol!) and so we were only able to meet them last night.  Aaah finally, I was able to satiate my cravings for endless salmon sashimi.  Truly, there aren't many things in life as wonderful as the taste of fresh salmon.  Yummm!!!!  Sashimi overload!!!! :))

We had three batches of group pictures because more college friends came. Hence, the three sets above but with me doing only one pose.  LOL!  

In fairness, I was able to do a retro marathon before the year ended.

But I need MORE!!!! :))  Photo above was with one of my retro friends Piolo.  It wasn't his real name, not because I am protecting his identity, but rather it's the only name I remember when he introduced himself to me after learning that my name is KC.  HAHAHA!!!

How many pounds did you gain during the holidays?????????? =))

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