Friday, November 25, 2011


Saw this photo of Anne Hathaway for Marie Clare.

Gorge!  I thought it was rather easy to copy knowing I have a dress as such and so I came up with this.  LOL!

Wrong.  I was completely and utterly wrong.  It was very hard to remove the shadow at the back and needed some photo-editing skills.  In fairness to me, I rather altered the concept a bit by introducing one of my favorite settings in my cam: the colour accent.  :P Then, FB friends came to the rescue, three friends of mine (2 from the US and one from the Canada) volunteered to fix it.  So, here's what they come up with.  You can click the Read More button below.

From May-R in Utah,

From Intan in Jersey, he made me a Bench model.  LOL!

And from Wil in Ontario, 

Thanks so much to these friends who took out some time to do these.  Haha!!  Have a fashionable weekend everyone! :D


Marta Martins said...

love it !

CaseyCakes said...

thank u marta. :)