Sunday, October 02, 2011


Fitness First held a charity event last Saturday at SMX Convention Center entitled Fitness Xplosion.  It wouldn't hurt to support a cause while having fun working out so I bought a ticket for myself and danced the afternoon away to my favorite retro and modern songs.

I arrived late though and this is me in my freshest state (featuring coral lips) with gym friend Karen. :)

We were told that even gym instructors of the health club's most popular programs taught for free during the event.  That's nice. :P

Not only that, the event showcased also the newest programs of Fitness First: Drums Alive, Sh'Bam and Zumba!  I'm curious much but currently I'm attending a lot of programs already (retro/jam/hiphop/pump/rpm, lol!) so hopefully I can find the time to try 'em soon.  

Photo gallery below: post work-out with Lura and Paul the retro instructor. ;-)  The different branches came up with color-coding shirts and I was informed about the red hue for Manila but I don't have any red shirt and I don't think it'll match my pink shoes noh? :))

I wasn't able to try the newest release of Body Jam which was slated in the evening because of some commitments but in Mall of Asia, I was able to do some shopping (can't wait to feature the new dresses, har har!) and a much needed massage at Wensha! :P

I remember trying a combo promo in this massage parlor about a year ago but I was surprised that for the foot massage, a guy came reporting to my service.  Initially I was like "okay I think it's harmless he's just gonna do the foot massage" but then to my surprise he started with the shoulders and back (with my robe on of course).  I thought it was complimentary 'coz of course an hour of massage just on the foot alone doesn't make much sense and I really appreciate the extra pressure he can put on with his kneading so by the time he's done with my upper body I was feeling part-sleepy already.  But all that drowsiness disappeared when he started working on my legs!! LEGS!!  What the H???  Okay, I wasn't in a position to complain (or maybe I was) but all my nerves were on full alert while he was doing the massage because he might ya know,err take advantage or something.  Well, so far I think I wasn't harassed but next time I'll make sure to choose a female masseuse.  :-|

Feeling laidback teeny-bopper last Saturday with those pinky sneaks! ;-)


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