Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday Photobooth

Me & my SG-based colleague Ms Dynah, business lunch at Cafe Breton Greenbelt 3.

We had a "crepe-y" lunch with a very "crepe-y" dessert too, La Pinay. :)

In the afternoon, spent "officing" at HTC Philippines and whoa!!!!  the ex-Samsung girls were reunited!! :))

That's Ms Yam, Raine, Me, Joy & Hanna. :)

Post office hours, contemplating on buying yet again another leopard shoes. Hmmmm.....

I have a lot of leopard shoes already but these babies.....*sigh*  What do you think?

A good distraction, eating.  The yummiest chicken in the world, Bon Chon. :))

And it was capped off with some cosmetics shopping with Joy and a coffee treat from her at night. :)  For the final picture, 

Taken using the soon-to-be-released HTC Sensation XL.:D SBT!

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