Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Single Diaries: On No Other Woman Movie

After a week of waiting, finally, I was able to watch the movie No Other Woman yesterday. 

Ram (Derek Ramsay) and Sharmaine (Cristine Reyes) are married. Ram is a furniture supplier in the resort owned by Cara (Anne Curtis). Curtis and Ramsay developed an illicit relationship. Sooner than later, Reyes learned about the “affair” and that is where the story started to pick up. 

The very first scene that struck a chord was the confrontation scene between Ram and his wife Sharmaine. I can so much relate to it. There she was saying something to this effect, "Hindi ko dapat ginagawa to. Pero ginagawa ko dahil mahal kita." As the legal wife, of course she didn't have to stoop down to the mistress' level by scheming and engaging in catfights with her. But can she help it?? To say it in Tagalog,"nagmamahal lang siya." Or as how Barbra Streisand put it in a song, she’s just a woman in love. That was soooooooooo me. Well, a long time ago, a thing of the past. Cue in the second touching scene,

Ram breaks it off with Cara and leaves her in the room. A few seconds later, we see a devastated woman running after him bends on her knees and begs him to come back. My exact thoughts were, “So, this is supposed to be the other woman’s scene, why was I the one who did it before?” I shrugged the thought of seeing my face on that woman in the yellow robe and focused my attention on Anne Curtis’ acting instead.

I guess it’s an instinct when you’re in love; you fight for him no matter what. You unleash that feisty persona in you that will say something like in the words of Cara, “I’m not giving him up without putting up a God-damn fight!!” But up to where?? That is the question. I once did it but I lost the battle.

Somebody asked me what will I do if this  shit thing happens to me again? The initial reaction is then what kind of a stupid person am I to have made such a wrong choice again?? But it is inevitable. No matter how careful we are in our choices, it’s true what was said in the movie “The world is a big Quiapo with many snatchers” – something like that. Snatching up of boyfriends/ husbands so to speak can still happen. But if this happens though I truly hope not, I believe I know better. I’m a big subscriber to the idea that, the best revenge to a girl who stole your man is to let her have him because a true man can never be stolen - something like that. I realized it's not worth it. I'm far too good to put up with such stuff. I should just save myself from all the embarrassment and retain my dignity.

And should a break-up happen to me again, I have a woman to emulate me on how to behave in a ladylike manner in this situation. I so wished I acted like her but it was late when I found out about her. She was described in James Ingram’s song – There’s No Easy Way to Break Somebody’s Heart.

She could've gotten angry
And made me feel like a guilty child
But I realized that never was her style
I wanted her to hurt me
And not treat me like a friend
I wanted to to say there'd be someday
I'm come crawling on my kneeds to ask her back again
But she acted like a lady 'til the end
Oh, what a lady

I thought that she'd break down
But she smiled at me and never made a sound
And I guess she understood in her way
Cause her silence told me everything she could not say
When it falls apart
There's just no easy way to break somebody's heart


Tisha said...

I thought about this before--if a guy cheated, would I fight for him? Probably not. If he wasn't willing to fight (temptation) for us in the first place, ba't pa ako mage-effort?

CaseyCakes said...

yes true...agree 100%..haha!! thanks for the comment Tish! :)