Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh- range!

You've seen it from Olivia P. in my not-so-last post and when she wears it, it means only one thing.  That color in its brightest form is the trend this season.  Hmmmm............

Let's see how the other celebs wore it.

Blake Lively at 2011 Teen Choice Awards.  She's slowly working her way to my best-dressed celebrity list. :)

Katie Cassidy in a daringly colorful and festive Herve Leger.  I used to hate this girl in season 4 of Gossip Girl.  Haha!

Emma Stone.  Before I used to get confused between her and Mila Kunis. :P  Is it just me? Or do they have the same features?  The frock looks cheerful on her.

And another Blake Lively in soft orange for Glamour Mag...aaargh, those Louboutins!

Well all I can say is.......interesting.  Wahaha!!!  I hardly own anything citrus-y in my items. Seriously.  But what makes it interesting is that I have exactly the same sentiments before when yellow was introduced as the color of the season.  And then all of a sudden, poof! My wardrobe was slowly populated with tops, blazer, dresses and even pants.  In yallow.  :))

So we shall see where this color would take me.  This color is challenging coz it is not for everybody.  And the only tip I got from the stills above is to pair it with neutrals.  As for me, I'm gonna start with atleast something that has got an orange into it.  And it's with this:

Bold and bright, a long dress from Promod.  Gaaaah, I can wear long dresses forevah!!!! :))  

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