Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Taste of Persian Grill

At long last!  If you've read this post, you'll know that I have long wanted to try this restaurant.  This week was my country manager's last business trip here as he is moving to bigger responsibility somewhere in the Middle East.  :(  So for his farewell dinner treat to colleagues here in PH, he chose to dine at Arya in their branch at Podium.  We had this for starters.

These different kinds of spices are supposed to add flavors to the pita bread and I believe I already had too much for the entrees.  This dip platter is composed of dip platter made up of Hummus, Motabal, Tzitziki, and Mirza Ghasemi and I don't know which is which. :))  We're too much caught up with the Singapore office gossip that no one bothered to know.  Haha!! Basta, they all taste good with the bread.  You know me when it comes to bread, I'm a HUGE fan! :D

After a 7-course middle eastern meal in an authentic Kebab restaurant at the top floor of our hotel in Noida sometime last year, it was established that I'm not a fan of lamb.  So my picks for the night were something similar to my Indian cravings at New Bombay, the Chicken Biryani and the laasi (yogurt) for the drinks.  They don't offer the ube (yam) flavor here so I opted for the strawberry.  Btw, how cute is that traditional tea glass beside the laasi?  The branch at Podium is dimly lit it was very hard to take photo of the porcelain.  The setting is different from their other branch just outside RP Manila, part of the reason why I was curious to try this restau, coz it looks too "golden" and lustrous from the outside whenever I am passing by at night after gym.  Haha!!

It was too bad that after an adequate servings of the bread and the cream of onion soup, I was already full before the main course.  But just the same I tried the chicken briyani, I was wrong to expect it'd be spicy like that in the Indian restaurant but just the same the chicken is tender.  I was able to try our other colleague Ms Dynah's beef koobideh which is made of ground beef grilled and formed into skewers shown above.  The other two guys ordered the lamb curry, as expected. :P

All those koobideh, joojeh and other Persian words in the menu only kind of reminded me of someone. I use to hear similar sounding words whenever he's on the phone, haha!  And for my realization that night, I tweeted something like this:

Yun na!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!!  And that is the reason why I never bothered to go out with the third anymore.  LOL!  

Anyway, we will definitely miss our country manager Su.  He's the only family man I know who likes to shop a lot, the other guy I know of is single and that is my pseudo-couz Wil.  LOL!  He always like to shop here in PH for his family because he finds it cheap here.  :P  He may not read this but I'd like to thank him for everything I learned at work and hopefully I see him soon..........maybe in Dubai???? :)

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