Sunday, July 31, 2011



Yesterday, I was back at my Saturday class after being absent last week due to the SG trip.  Can you just imagine the shock I went through after seeing the whiteboard like that asking us to translate the paragraph.  Nosebleed! Haha! JK. :))

Thanks be to stocked knowledge (naks, may ganon???), I was able to make out some of those "writings on the wall".  Haha!!  Fyi, the class I am talking about is a Mandarin basic classes I enrolled myself into after seeing a nice deal from a website.  Yesterday was already the 4th Saturday and I also missed the 1st day because of my cousin's wedding.  Tsk!

Since I had a Chinese study background in my gradeschool years, I didn't have problems catching up on the second day.  What I had a hard time though was adapting to the way of teaching.  This is because I am used to reading based from the actual Chinese characters rather than them being spelled out in alphabets like this word  (mei) for example which btw stands for pleasing like me. Yes, even if it involves more than strokes for writing a word, I am writing down the notes in Chinese, haha!  And the thing is, I get frustrated whenever I don't know the exact Chinese character for the words. L During the second day, my hand was itching to raise and ask the teacher to write it for me (haha!) but of course that would be unfair to other classmates. :P

I'm so happy to be a student again.  :D  If you could notice, there were blank green characters in some of the words coz I could only afford to remember those other familiar words in Chinese. Hehe.  That's why I am thinking of going to advance level after finishing this basic classes.  Hmmm.... 

Doing the notes like the photo above reminded me so much of my ways of writing way way back in highschool where I would often use a red and a black ballpen. :P  My classmates would often borrow my notes.  Erm, there's a reason why I was always nominated as a secretary back then.  :P  My trick is to copy everything in a scratch paper and rewrite them at home neatly while reviewing them.  So there, that's my top tip for students out there.  ;-)

Yesterday's lecture were about verb tenses and we tackled the ever-famous "le" word you'll often hear in Singapore. Mahaha!  Can't help but grin inside the classroom as I remember how me and my SG-working friends would "insert" that word in our convos. :))

So, overall it is so much fun to be a student again! :D  I'm looking forward to every Saturday for some new things to learn. :)  This saying even if unfortunately I don't have any cute classmates.  Hahaha!!! :))

My Chinese friend Mely is delighted to hear about this, she's also teaching me some Chinese words whenever we meet.  Here's us at Chili's last Monday. :)

Zai jian! I'll see you again in my next post!x

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