Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday in SG!

Because I'm such a model employee, last Friday I made a trip from end to end of SMRT's purple line to visit the office. :P

In Xiela's flat there is no direct station to the Punggol MRT, so you have to take the LRT first.  I believe it was my first initiation to it.  Yay!  I lost count of the times I've been here but there is always a first time  for everything.  Hehe. :-P

Kuya Dave, a friend from college who stays also in Xiela's flat was with me for the first few minutes until he had to alight (very SG term!) at some point and leave me alone.  While yes it may be just a straight line going to office but I was scared at the exit points since I heard a story from my friend Joy that she got lost in her first few months here.  But traveling alone (with twitter keeping me company, hehe), I realized SG's MRT is just a breeze!  You just have to READ, that's all.  Naks, feeling expert na! :))  Honestly, SG's MRT system is very tourist-friendly.  :)  But with my curly hair though, I don't feel like a tourist. :P

At the end of the line is Harbourfront station and Vivo City mall, as you know the Great SG Sale is still ongoing so I decided to snoop around and was able to buy a few things.  That orange Topshop dress above is so sweet like a candy! XD

I may have mastered the tube, but the office is still a bit far from the mall (lol!) and from there I already took the taxi.  Haha!! In time, I will be adept with their buses.  In time....

Boss: Why are you here?
Me: Because I miss you guys!

Mahaha!!  Everyone's surprised to see me at the office.  It is usually coupled with questions like, you're on a holiday and you're going to SG?? Hehe... Actually, I just wanna have a check with my lappie.  I was right, something's off kilter.

Dinner was spent at Lau Pa Sat Festival Market in Raffles, near Xiela's office.  We don't wanna exhaust the mommy-to-be by going somewhere far.. :P  And everybody's just excited for baby Miles...3 more months...Yay!  Oh and yes, I've never tried it here before.    It's a tourist spot and they close the road to set-up the tables.

Photo was taken using Xiela's IS95!!! I am loving the night shot!!!! *inggit* :))  My long dress is from Mango, such a flatterer for my frame everyone's liking it. :)

And this is me back at Punggol trying my new wedges from Zara... :D

Thanks to the couple Mac and Xie for the dinner treat. :D


Anonymous said...

I'm liking your curls, deng. very stylish.. It also makes you look a bit younger.. 26 going on 22 ? lol.


CaseyCakes said...

22???????/ Hahahaha!!!!

Thanks! The curls are now gone, LOL!

Anonymous said...

too bad deng.. new cut suits ya.

ya 22 lol..


goodbadnfab said...

Your post is truly inspiring!

-Please check out my blog when you get a chance. I think you'd like it!
a fashion lawyer by day, fashion police by night...I play at red carpet events, shop all over town, and live life in the fab lane in LA!

CaseyCakes said...

Thank you. I will check out your blog soon, a lawyer and a fashion enthusiast as well, very much interesting! :)

Nivek said...

I agree with Wil. The curls look great.

CaseyCakes said...

Thank u.. ^^

Anonymous said...

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