Friday, July 15, 2011

My Wedding Pointers

Purple Anne Klein's with studs on the soles saying "I DO", teddy bears on the flower girl's baskets..I thought I saw it all once I entered the bride's dressing room last Saturday.  What shocked me was the mini pictorial that us from the entourage were part of before the actual ceremony and purple and fuchsia Japanese umbrellas were then handed to us by the usherettes for the shoot. WOW!

I, in turn, surprised the bride one time when she saw me wearing the satin gloves and having my "own" photoshoot moment with my 9-yo cousin.  LOL!

Granted, these are just props for the pictorial but it was fun having these kind of details just for the photos right? :D  I'll make sure to add details like these in my very own someday although it has to be different.  Which specific things that I am not sure of but one thing is for certain and decided the moment I saw my cousin struggle in her long train of a wedding dress, there should be an outfit change during the reception.  Hahaha!!!  Two dresses!! Now that just excites me to plan for mine someday.  O see?  For someone like me who's absolutely visionless about these things, you could say this is a start.  Hahaha!!  Who knows this could just be the "missing part" and this could help attract "the groom" to come into my life.  The power of visualization, aaaaaaahhh the secret.  Mahaha!!

The cousin I am talking about is the one below, Gie Anne.  She's a very willing bridesmaid to be in my wedding if you could just see from the photo below.  This was inspired from a photo of Kate and Pippa Middleton during the royal wedding, haha!

I also like the details of the gowns how each bridesmaids have different designs at the top and also those of the flower girls dresses, particularly the sleeve's details. :)  This is me looking like Saruman of LOTR in a photo with Yang yang below. :))  Oh and yes, the sparkly stilettos was painful.  XD

When another one of the wedding coordinators who's in charge of the dresses talked to me about my gown's details, she made a comment saying that the wedding should take after that of the royal wedding.  No bridesmaids at all, just little flower girls.  So that, the only "bida" or the only one who will stand out is the bride.  Errrrr, I know she didn't mean it that bad (that I'm gonna upstage the wedding or something because she knows I'm not that type and that is just too cruel for someone to do) but I guess, it was just the timing.  :-| And seeing Kate Moss' recent wedding, I think that really is the trend these days.

On skipping the mushy bits.  I don't really get mushy at weddings but last Saturday there was this one particular part of the program where the bride's younger brother offered a song to her and the floodgates opened.  You know in our Pangan clan, singing is not just a talent.  It is an expectation!  LOL!  You're not considered a Pangan if you can't sing.  Hehe.  Anyway, back to the song, maybe it was the song, or I was PMS-ing, but I was in tears at that exact moment as well as the other women in the reception.  Even right now whenever I would hear that Jim Brickman's The Love I Found In You, I still cry as if I could connect to it.  Maha!

I think in my wedding, I'll skip these bits.  I don't wanna be in tears in my wedding, haha!  I want it to be light and fun just like how I read in this blog about the groom joking in front of the guests, "Ay, napadaan lang po ako" (I was just passing by!).  Hahaha!!!  Besides, I don't think my brother Lem would do that for me.  Wahaha!!  He's definitely not that type.  But still, I'll keep the pointer to wear a waterproof mascara.  Maha!

I guess those pointers would do for now.  Congratulations to Rey and best wishes to my Ate Elai. :)

Oh, did you know they found each other thru the net?  He was based in Perth and her in UAE.  Gaaaah, this LDR thing really do work now.  Maybe I was the only one who's not so open to it.  Mahaha!

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