Sunday, July 03, 2011

FPPF Friends :)

I think I've never posted anything about them in this blog.  Thankfully, last Friday a get together was planned at Tanba in Malate, these are my classmates turned friends that I met in the basic photography class I took last year. :)

L-R: Mau, Anne, Me, Jec, Jo and Ronald

All of them took the advance class of which I wasn't able to join because of my sked.  Isn't it a bit touching that they still remembered to invite me?? *sniff, sniff* Hahaha!!!  So proud as to how these guys have come far, they've already made a mini-business out of the hobby by organizing photoshoots and selling stuffs.  Good job! :D

yummy grill at Tanba
Hoping to have more get together in the future. :)  Hopefully, I can join their shoots one of these days. :)

Outfit log, a quick snap before leaving the gym.  Cowgurrrrlllllll!!! :))

Again, something Katie would wear. :-p


Anonymous said...

I too have been making money shooting lately. I've been charging $300 for 2 hrs to shoot, but I can't get motivated to shoot more. I have 0 desire to work 7 days a week lol.. And definitely not for $300.00.


CaseyCakes said...

Hahaha!! so what kind of shoots are these? weddings? what??

Anonymous said...

A wedding for 300 dollars? I'd be charging 5 grand for that lol.. I've been offered to shoot a couple of weddings before but I declined because if I fucked up, Id feel too guilty about ruining something that's once in a life time.. it's not like a bday where they can have another one next year lol..

Oh in the last 6 months I've shot a wedding shower, a x-mas party, a few family portraits.


Anonymous said...

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