Sunday, December 05, 2010

My Kuya's Wedding

My older brother got married last Saturday thru a simple civil wedding held at Intramuros.  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Pelayo! :)

I was asked to come along last Saturday at Sofitel for the wedding preparations.  I went there with three tasks to accomplish: (1) Assist the bride/ sis-in-law to dress up; (2) Shoot with the photographer which is only when I am not accomplishing the main task which is (3) to babysit my nephew.  LOL!  Yes it's just a civil wedding and this is the first time I got involved and just realized how frenzied it could be.  Haha!!

Hands-On Tita.

It's true when my Tita said that "Masaya pag may bata sa bahay kahit makulit."  Lately I've been spending more time with my nephew because of his frequent visits at home.  I've seen some girls, they gush at babies when they see one but they don't really go down the level of babysitting them.  They just wanna have a picture with them??  How unfortunate is it that sometimes these kind of girls snag the guy and not you the nurturing-type??  Well, just saying.  LOL!

Thanks to my friend Joy P. (the one from Laguna) she taught me a lot when it comes to babysitting.  I learned everything from exaggerating comments (good for commending a child's improvement) or tricks to get them to obey you.  For example, this is me telling Aedan that he has to change his shirt.  So that after we will have a photo-op with my camera.  Not effective, LOL!  Don't be fooled with that cute smile of his in the picture. After that, all hell broke loose when I finally managed to remove the shirt.  Hahaha!!! :))

This is still me, in further action at the reception.  I was surprised I didn't look that much wasted in here.  LOL!  But in the end, I gave up my sparkly metallic stilettos for my comfy jelly flats (Tory Burch in pink ;) because err, I have to run around with the kid.  Haha!!

Dress.  I dedicated one day going to Greenhills with my Mama and Tita to scout for a dress to wear for the occasion.  I found one (them BCBG and Karen Millen dresses in GH are dangerous!! lol!).  But they're rather exorbitant for knock-offs or imitation (this I'm not so sure), a dress almost equals that in Mango.  The frugal side in me told me not to buy it.

Good thing I didn't go for it because I found this pretty dress hanging nicely in my wardrobe - still unworn!  It's been forever since I had this one and I really intended to wear this for a wedding because of its color and texture.  I didn't know which among the following facts should disturb me.  (1)  I mean like how many dresses are still there in my wardrobe not yet used.  LOL!  (2) Or that I was buying dresses to be worn for weddings when there isn't any I was sure to attend.  Buying for the "just in case" it so reminds me of Becky Bloomwood nee Brandon of the Shopaholic series.  Yay!! Or lastly (3) That I have this frugal side of me which I need to "harness" more.  Hahaha!!!

Curls.  I love how the artist styled my hair!  I'm soooo thinking of having real curls next year! ;)  It's one of those times where I get a break from the kid and shoot! Thanks to my cousin Regine for taking this. :)

Expectations and Unsolicited Advice.

Well I was already bracing myself for the "questions" since this is my brother's wedding.  You know, the when-is-your-turn thingy or sometimes the outright, i'll-see-you-in-your-wedding-next-time.  Yay!!  Not that I prepared a witty answer or something, I just gave them my bestest metallic smile.  LOL!  But there was this one neighbor of ours, I sat next to him and he was giving me the advice like how a married life sets direction in your life because you do not only plan for yourself anymore and there I was gripped by this thought and seeing the way I live my life currently.  Aargh!!  Well, thanks to TheSingleWoman's quotes on twitter.  These things don't intimidate me anymore.  Take for example, this tweet: 

"Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy, & you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be & who you want to spend it with." ~Sarah Jessica Parker

Oh, and there is that where is your date thing?  Is it really required?? LOL! Lem didn't have his also so can my brother just pass for the date instead?  Hahaha!!

When I finally reviewed my shots, I was surprised to see them in poor quality.  Yay, it's true weddings are the hardest to photograph.  I remember the instructor before who used to be a photog back when digital ones weren't invented yet, he said he used to employ the "prayer" method hoping that all shots would turn okay.  Haha!!  And of course that setting to Manual mode or what they call ( Marunong mode, haha!) is not applicable for beginners.  Temporarily, I'll post my shots in FB.  Haha!  But I am pleased this shot.

Taken while I was inspecting possible things left in the venue (since I was last one to leave the place), I saw the ring box and picked a stalk and with the last minute thought of adding up my watch. ;)  It's my last shot before I left the place. ;)


BudmanB said...

Congratulations to your brother and his new wife...
and to his beautiful sisiter.... cheers

CaseyCakes said...

thank you for the well wishes..

thanks for the comment also. :)

BudmanB said...

You bet, i would like to invite you to follow my site
Budmanb... go see it and let me know what you think..
BTW, nice dress and great hair...Mmmm

Anonymous said...


When shooting a wedding, it's impossible to get great shots without a fast lens (85MM 1.4, or 1.8, and flash...) Bokeh.. Shallow depth of field, and isolate your subjects using a fast lens.
direct flash won't work cause it'll just make the background black, and give harsh lighting to your main subject... You'd either have to bounce the light or shoot shoot in 2nd curtain sync..

oh btw you'd need to buy a flash in order to do these photos..


CaseyCakes said...

@Wil: yes! i need a separate flash. tsk! next time i will take note..i thought it was easier had the wedding been in daylight! that way i need not worry about the flash.

@BudmanB: thanks! Will visit your site soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Oops forgot the most important thing..

Congrats to you and your family on your brother's wedding :)

btw I just saw your reply at Tisha's site hahah..... lol f'n lol. I didn't think you read my post there lol..


If we accidentally meet up in HK, I'll introduce you to my friend Bevan.. He can be added to your "Them Foreign Men" List LOL!

CaseyCakes said...

Thanks Wil!

Hahaha!! I was surprised to find you there as well. LOL!!

And more LOL on your P.S. Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

i from indonesia. can u give me the new pictures photo lemuelle Pelayo. send