Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Monday Captured by C3 :)

My Pinky is soooo girly! ŰŰŰ

I lost my other pink phone recently and you know my rule when it comes to gadgets, haha!  I opted for the above so as not to be biased to my friends who work for Samsung and HTC. =P
Today is an SG holiday.  While it didn't really mean that there's no work for today, it certainly is less stressful.  Matter of fact, I was able to afford a little uhmm mani and pedi in the morning.  :P

I often take pictures of my mani because (1) only very seldom do I afford to paint my hand's nails.  :P  (2)  only very seldom do the coats lasts without scratches.  :( God, I'm sloppy like that.  I need some refinements.  Haha!  Growing up with two brothers didn't help and taking up a college degree that is mostly dominated by men too.  I could never be a certified kikay.  Or maybe a kikay with brusko movements.  Hahaha!!

Today I felt like adding some blush-on too, I don't know why.  Haha!  This full bangs thing has shown me additional PROs too.  Like (1)  Less maintenance of brows.  They're not visible anyway.  (2)  Less usage of mascara, let the hair just be the highlights.  Haha!  (3)  Smaller face??? :P  Here's me on the way to the Fort.

To visit my Ate Anj in Samsung!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!!!  It was just a quick visit since we're both busy.  4 months.  It took 4 months for me to give her the pasalubongs from BKK and MY.  Haha! :D  But so glad she liked them. :)  I also lend her the 2nd installment to Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed which is Something Blue.  We're both excited to see it coming to big screen next year!!  Weee!!!  So happy to see her again.  =)

I'm flattered to have inspired her thru my outfit, I took a photo of it in the locker's gym afterwards.  Hahaha!!

And tomorrow I'm gonna see Joy for an HTC event.  Hahaha!! :))

I'd like to cap this off by introducing our newest baby!!  Yeyeyey!!!  Haha!  Well, he's not really ours but my Tita's.  He visited us last Sunday, baby Lucas!!  Me and my brother call him Lucas Liit.  Tiny, tiny, tiny!! :P

And oh yeah, about the phone. I'm satisfied with its albeit 2MP camera. Pardon the very poor shots, I just noticed I haven't taken off the plastic sticker that covers the lens. Haha!! Some people put an expectation on technical guys like me to have a smartphone. I don't need those, a radio and Wi-fi enabled handset will already make me happy. And oh, the Sudoku game is keeping me up at night. Argh! XD

It has a very affordable price too which will not make me wince should I lose it.  But NOOOOOO!!  I lost 3 pink phones already in a span of 1.5 years!! 3 PINK PHONES!  I truly hope this one lasts.  Sigh.

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