Thursday, August 12, 2010

KL Day2b: The Skybridge Visit

Because we arrived early for our scheduled tour, I had the chance to see Mr. Dreamy guy again. It’s too bad that he picked the sked 30 mins ahead of ours!! And since we’re early we were asked to wait by the gallery area. So children, let me first give you a lecture on the tallest towers in the world. Haha!

The Petronas towers as you all know are not anymore the tallest building in the world. In 2004, it was surpassed by Taipei 101 in Taiwan (which hopefully I’ll have the chance to visit in December. =) But in 2010, Dubai already claimed the title with its Burj Khalifa. But when we speak of “twin towers”, they still rightfully hold the title in that category. And yes, none of these shiz I’m saying can be seen in the photo above. Hahaha!! I believe it’s because the above shows the tallest telecommunication towers in the world. LOL! Of course, I’ve got to support my very own field of study. Wahaha!!

At 2:30 in the dot, we were asked to be assembled and queue up infront of what seemed like a theater room. Once upon inside, I had the chance to observe the group of people we’re touring with and to my dismay, it was a bunch of old Koreans. B-O-R-I-N-G. Haha! :P A short clip about the company was shown and some essential information about the tower. Here’s me & Ate Lisa at the theater room.

A lot of things have been said about the tower, but for me I’ll stick with these adjectives: tall, sleek and sophisticated. Just like me. Wahaha!!! Yun eh, okay na sana may pahabol pa. =))

After the short presentation, we were once again queued outside for the skybridge visit. We passed through some security inspection and followed the herd towards the elevator that will whisk us to the 41st floor. The tower has 88 levels all in all. But to check the view at the highest floor, NOW that would really mean something. I wonder how it is like working for Petronas somewhere in that floor. Hmmmmm…..

Minutes, nay seconds passed and we were already at the Skybridge – the so-called "holding hands" of the towers. Hahaha!! I really can’t drop this famous line on John Lloyd’s movie. Haha!

Well I know I said we, although the pic above is just me. Haha!  And yes, pardon the oversizing.  LOL!  Oh, and by the way, up there we saw Mr Dreamy guy again.  Probably extending their stay for a bit just to see me, hahaha!!  I kid.  :P

We were allowed to roam around for uhmm, ten minutes. 10 MINUTES. We woke up early and queued up for more than an hour for a 10-min stay. Haha! But ‘s okay. The view is spectacular. =)

Just like the pic I took by the plane's window when we're about to touch down, I still see greens here.  Although it is the budget low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) I landed on which is 20 km away from the airport's main terminal, I read from somewhere that they really planned the KLIA to be something like an "airport in the trees."  The photo below covers mainly the park, naturally it has to have lots of trees. 

But if you look farther,

I'd still like to think of this city as clean and green.  So as to justify the initial impression I had from the plane, haha! :P

And before we left the place, I saw some demo of the tesla coil safety application in the event of a lightning striking the towers.  Amazing.  Piqued my curiosity before ending this post and tried googling the theory behind.  Bummer! :))

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