Friday, April 16, 2010

Project Green Light

In cooperation with Fitness First and ABS-CBN foundation, held a Body Jam marathon last April 10 at PTTC. It's the ultimate dance party work-out using hiphop, pop, tribe, latin and streetjazz moves while at the same time a charity event and proceeds will go to the beneficiaries of ABS-CBN foundation.

Cathy & I were there to support the event. Oh you haven't met Leah. :)

I first met Leah during Doc Greg's party preparations. She was also there to perform but the video cam wasn't able to capture her. :P I like this shot. :)

And this is with team Greenhills after the work-out. I hope I can have a copy of some of the recorded videos. :)

I need all the work-out I can get this week coz uhmm I'm not sure what's in store for me when I leave on Sunday. LOL!

And while yes I promised not to buy for this business trip, the sale announcement in the email had me dropping by quickly in the mall this afternoon and got me walking away with 2 new pretty dresses. Clue: FLORAL. Hihi! :) You shall see them soon. ;)

Happy weekend and Bon Voyage to me. LOLs!

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