Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Namaste!!! All the way from Noida, India. :) Well, I really don't have any theme in store for you right now so let me just give you an informal run through of my stay here. For real time updates, you can follow me in my twitter. ;)

This trip definitely consisted a series of firsts for me. It's my first to fly to somewhere so far in Asia (here's to hoping I get out of the continent this year :p), first to try boarding the Thai Airways (love the three colors of their seats, haha!), first to try a connecting flight from Bangkok (okay, I just had this really minor booboo where I intended not to put back my skinny belt anymore and hurry up to the point of running after the inspection in Suvarnabhumi airport coz I thought I was really late for the next flight. Sometimes I wonder how I excelled in my algebra in HS or even in the board exam my goodness if I can't solve a simple time difference problem!!! Geese KC!!! Hahaha!!! Well atleast I can point my finger on the boarding pass, hmpf!) and lastly my first to change impression to this country.

Well at the boarding area, I was greeted by my Thai counterpart (Nam) whom I asked to take the same flight as mine coz I was really scared to go alone from New Delhi to the hotel. I saw a lot of locals seated beside him and for a moment I hesitated to get anywhere near but I noticed that it's not at all scary. I mean most of the people boarding the flight are probably from the corporate world too acting very civil and all. I don't know why I was expecting something less, probably from the stories I gathered while I was in the embassy in the Phils. You can just imagine how I was the only one glued to the TV when they showed something from Disney....The Princess and the Frog. Hahaha!! I really enjoyed this musical animation. :) Well I don't think it was a good choice for most of the passengers but it was a welcome treat. ;) Besides I really intended not to sleep on this flight so I could have a good sleep in the hotel.
So okay I know it was kind of risky to wear something like that above but helloooo, it's about 42 degrees C here. Besides, I know I'm safe with Nam with me. We saw our names written outside the greeting area in the airport and we at first hesitated if we're gonna take the ride (hahaha!!!) until one guy from the local office here introduced himself to us and asked us to go with the driver while he wait for the other guys from Singapore etc. It was 9PM when we arrived and it feels like the sun is still up during that time.

And yeah, the hotel. Would you believe I only packed ONE pair of shoe for the business meetings. Yes, ONLY ONE. HAHAHA!!! CONGRATULATIONS to me! LOL! Actually, the other reason why is because I was expecting less from the hotel. Guess I underestimated it from its name, sheeeesh!! Surprisingly, it's quite nice! :) Look!
This hotel is way spacious and nicer than some of the other hotels I've been to and come on, they have some greeting chocolates by the sidetable for the guests. It was being refilled every day! Haha! Nice touch! Ain't nothing like sweet treats for to win over a lady! Hahaha!!!
Aside from the frequent power outages I encountered on the first night, which was common in the country, the stay here isn't that really bad. I really don't know why I misjudged things. I mean at this point I can safely say I still want to return here. :) Even the comments from FB like to bring scented hankies or something seem to be not applicable. For reals! Everything is just an exaggeration. Tsk, tsk!

The 2nd day brought about more observations which I shall blog next. ;)


Nivek said...

I'm surprised Ms. Grammer Queen would use the word "ain't". But the real shocker is that you only took 1 pair of shoes! Maybe there is hope for your addiction :)

Anonymous said...

why? is ain't not acceptable in english? i didn't know...

yup, learning to pack lite, howsaboutthat?? ;)


Nivek said...

My teacher's used to say "ain't" ain't a word.