Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's Been A Year!

Wow! Time sure flies so fast! I almost forgot that it's my 1-yr anniversary with S.O. yesterday. Hihi! Actually the real 1-yr turned a week ago where for a week I have to prepare myself for the technical terms and the specs last year but it's just that, the formal training began Dec 1 so I decided to pick that way. More memorable, start of last month!

Of course a lot of things have happened. Just like any normal new beginning there’s what we call the honeymoon period, after training was a slow month for December due to the long holidays. Then it was followed by the cruise, which was an incentive for hitting the target. After that, I already expected to be “hands on deck” just like what my first ever manager from Intel used to say. :P

And just like in real marriage, then surfaced the problems. Honeymoon stage was really over and boy did it hit me hard? It was when my back-up (based in SG who previously handles Phil accounts) who hasn’t fully transitioned everything to me yet moved to another company. He just officially left me in the lurch! I remember saying those times - I’m doomed! Haha! Initially of course, panic gripped. After all, I’m alone here right?? Then there’s a new system being implemented that time which I’m not yet quite familiar.

But then again real engineers aren't trained that way. We should be made of hard stuff! Process thinker! Analytic! Solution-finder!! Yessss!!! Hahaha!!! In fact, according to Wikipedia, engineers must be calm under high-pressure situations! Proud of my profession, hey?? LOL!

So, so far after a year thankfully I haven't done any serious mistake that caused the company too much. Or was it? LOL! No just recently there was a case, and I'm still arguing my side. Damn, I should be a lawyer! LOL! And it’s true that one of the advantages of working alone is that you really have to become independent. You have to “own” your account and be knowledgeable. I remember when there are problems in the customer, “flash-bulb moments” occur whenever I walk on that ramp along the parking lot. It could be a probable root cause, a solution to a problem or any bright ideas. Just like in relationships, you can think of a lot of things when you’re alone. Agree??

Before I forget, I’d like to thank my colleague’s support back in SG. (Ayyy, speech ba ito?? Somebody get me a tissue I might cry in the end. Hahaha!!) My manager was always there to support me but allowed time also for me to stand on my own feet. And I like that there’s room for you to operate on your own without being supervised too much. =) And efforts paid off when I heard him say that after the back-up’s departure, he did see an improvement in me. Whew! :P

Although I may say, I sometimes long for someone whom I can just turn my heads 90° sideways and talk or laugh about with anything or ask about work, there’s still technology to thank for. Just one chat away and my queries will be answered. As for some chikahan, there’s still my girlies from previous company who still fill me in with some of the gossips (haha!), fashion trends and just about everything under the sun. So don’t wonder why we’re still close. Haha!

At least I’m not in this situation anymore where girls usually get intimidated with each other resulting to misunderstanding. When I left Intel, I really worry about this thing. Back there, I was part of a group of tough guys not to mention working with the crème de la crème of the universities. You know what I mean, everybody’s very professional and nothing’s taken against personally. I’m cool being the only girl in a team of guys – apple of the eye although subject of teasing at times. What I fear for happened in my second company and believe me, another friend experienced the same. She even blogged about it. HA!

Part of the set-up, which I’m still getting used to, is the frequent customer visits. At times when something’s “up” in the afternoon where I have to rush down to their area, I really get worried during business hours I am away from the emails and something might be of an urgent matter that I cannot respond to immediately. It gets me panicked at times. :P And not to mention the increasing number of FedEx or DHL envelopes I keep receiving almost everyday from the factory, from the Singapore office and just about everywhere. LOL! Good thing my mother’s kind of diligent in piling them up and selling to those recycling them. Haha!

Apart from that, everything’s fine and dandy. I enjoy some slow mornings where I just wake up, turn on my laptop, go down for breakfast and come back for work. :P There are also times when I can squeeze in a bit of exercise during lunchtime. Hehe. And I believe it’s very important that you enjoy what you and not consider your 9-6 as an everyday drudgery.

Recently, I was just blessed with receiving responsibility with another country. =) And for as long as the company needs me, I just know there’s room for my growth in here.



Nivek said...

I miss Intel and want to go back sometimes. Like you I miss being around the best of the best.

I also have big feet so what does that mean?

Anonymous said...

well fortunately for me, Singaporeans are very disciplined also..=)

well somebody from my previous company just told a group of people that the reason why I'm single is because I have big feet and that I'm more of masculine..that's the shallowest thing I've ever heard about why im single in my entire life!!


Nivek said...

There just plain wrong. I think you look just great and won't be single for long (Wil don't forget your mission).

If I were there in PI, you'd be rejecting me and breaking my heart in no time :)