Monday, November 30, 2009


Consider yourself warned – atleast that’s how it sounded to me. When I was in SG last month (oh wow it’s December already!!), Mac advised me that with my Nikon’s D80 I cannot do anymore mirror shots as if it’s gonna degrade the value of the camera. LOL! Mac is another photography hobbyist friend of mine and it just so happened that he’s using the same model. I was like FINE! I mean, what are tripods for right?? Haha! Besides, I don’t really intend to use it that way, although I’ve seen some fashion bloggers who do that. :P
Anyways, last Saturday:

Haha! We met a certain old man named Mang Jun who does taking photos for a living in Luneta. Unfortunately for me, he’s familiar with the Pentax and Canon brands only. LOL! Nevertheless he gave my SLR a good old try and that was the outcome above.

So to answer your question Wil, yes I’ve been using the camera. Oh wait, your question was am I practicing taking pictures right?? Haha!! I do. I do. Erm, mostly portraits especially eversince the camera arrived, my mother’s always like “Kunan mo kami, Kunan mo ako” *rolls eyes* Haha!! And then there’s my Tita too, who after taking shots of her, was like “Ay, hindi ba de-film yan?” Haha! Not in a funny way, but just in an amusing kind. :P

Btw, pic above is not in Luneta but from a parking lot in Nova, QC after attending a religious convention. Here’s another photo in one of the condos we visited after the meeting this time taken by my cousin:

O diba parang si Marian lang from SMDC’s billboards of their condos! Wahaha!! Woohoo!! Ayan ha, I scouted for a shoot location na din! Haha!

So model and dress – check; location – check! Kaya lang, the only dilemma is the setting. Haha! I’m not sure how to create photos like Taghrid’s. Wherein details of the dress are very vivid while not sacrificing the background. Does it have something to do with distance? Focus?? The resolution?? The camera itself?? What?? LOL!

Anyway décolletage dress above is from MNG. And yup, that’s where I spent your GC’s Wil. So, thanks thanks! It’s figure hugging not to mention an animal print also right?? Haha! Suede pumps from Zara that I had to reserve @ Powerplant since they're the only store that has size 41! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Is that condo located at Boni Ave? I like the look of it.
I got a friend going down to Pinas next week.. I could do an intro if you want. hahah. I'd link you on facebook, but I deleted my account (I want to see how long I'll last without it), I'll see if I have a pic of him, and email it haha.

I've just bought two new toys recently.. I got a Sony e-book reader, and a blackberry bold.. I don't know why I bought an e-book reader, consider I haven't read books since the invention of the internet haha.


Anonymous said...

wait lang! thwack thwack lahat ng sinasabi mo!

deleted ur fb account?? grabe! bravo!! hats off! haha!! pero how about ur photos??????

next, condo is not in boni..malayo yan sa novaliches QC..may family friend who showed us their unit..

then a friend?? hindi ka pa talaga tapos in ur mission noh?? haha!!

e-book reader?? how does it look like?? no idea..

have u heard what happened to lisa?? nothing happened dun sa secret guy..jealous type apparently..


Nivek said...

KC -
Pics look good. I wish I could take them like that although I need a nice camera. Maybe I should take a class too. Lisa's pics look great too after her class. Your looking quite hot in your pics too. Nice dress.

Wil -
I got a Sony Reader last year. Very nice to read on and easy on the eyes. Have you tried Google books or Project Gutenberg? There are over 1.5m free books on Google alone. The ones in epub format will work on the Sony. Also you should d/l Adobe Digital Editions then you can check out evooks from the library and read them on your Sony. Kindle can't do that (or do epub).


Anonymous said...

Hi Kev, thanks! :)

I don't think Wil's gonna use the e-book reader. He's just like that, buying stuffs without a purpose..hahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

You're telling me I buy stuff without a purpose? I almost bought an Stove/Oven today because I really love the look.. I don't even cook lol. I buy all my meals cooked for me, or frozen dinners and I'm trying to justify spending money on something I won't use. Deng, we're a lot a like when it comes to shopping. There is no purpose we just like spending haha.
Kev I'll probably use the e-reader the 1st month, then get bored with it.. I also know about google, and Project Gutenberg. That's also the reason I bought Sony, because of the multiplatform capabilities. (that and I just downloaded 24GIGS worth of fiction books on a torrent site)

Deng, I reinstalled facebook, I only lasted 48 hrs LOL! sobrang addict.

I asked Lisa a month ago what's going on with her and the guy.. wala daw.. She didn't tell me he was the jealous type.. I don't understand how he could be the jealous type when they weren't even going out LOL! And I thought I set her up with a long term relationship.. dang dang.. Maybe I'll set her up with my friend instead haha..
You're right I'm not done trying to find you a husband.. If I do anything right in my life, it's me trying to get you married off haha..