Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ms Tardy

So far, everything’s according to plan. You know guys yang si Wil, he wanna try whatever’s been posted in my blog. Hay naku, next time I will coordinate with the establishment’s owners coz they should give me commissions or something for referring their businesses. Hahaha!! As per checklist, New Bombay, check. C2, check. Yehey! Last night, I was back @ Rockwell to explore more of what Classic Cuisine (which is working its way on my list of fave restaus) has got to offer.

Lisa & Wil came in early (meaning I was late again, haha!) so like what happened in New Bombay I already informed them of my choice of food via SMS. LOL! I was rooting for their other kare-kare (the real beef one swimming in peanut sauce) but they ordered the crispy pata with kare-kare sauce that I tried last time. But ‘s okay. Who’s Ms. Tardy to complain? LOL!

Okay my discovery for tonight is their flair of mixing two types of Filipino dishes together. Take for example the Malabon Seafood Stew which is fish fillet with clams and mussels mixed in Palabok sauce. Ang galing! Very impressive! (Other voice in me: But of course KC, duh? Hadn’t you noticed it the last time? It’s been written in their profile here.) My gosh, I’m so amazed it just goes to show how I’m such an ignoramus when it comes to anything culinary. LOL!

And btw, mental pat for me on the back and a treat of Starbucks Coffee Jelly (:P) for detecting that slight taste of okra in their Crispy Ribs Sinigang. If you remember, the Ratatouille film gave me this respect for people who can distinguish the ingredients of a certain dish. I think I’m already working my way to becoming a chef! Wahaha!! Last time, I just wanna do a California Maki! Ngayon, chef na! Echusera! Hahaha!! I really really like the sourness of the soup. Yaaaargh! Patay na naman ang diet! :P

So okay, I was late. 2 hours but does it matter? I have my reasons. First, I may be a freelance (of sorts) but let me clear that I still follow our SG office time. Second, my place is far from Makati. About an hour away. Third, duh?? Isn’t it obvious yet?? I mean why Lisa has been joining us?? Meeting new acquaintances is one exciting part of traveling, is it? I’ve practically known Wil for years now and I was giving time for the two to get acquainted. So there, I just worked a whole slew of reasons for my tardiness and I could rationalize and rationalize ‘til I was blue in the face, which is why I don’t quite understand why there were some “agreements” made during my absence the details of which are being held back from me. (Hand closes into a fist, beats the chest three times then sniffs!) Its hurts. Hahaha!!

But seriously, sino ba naman ako?? Who am I? I was just the girl who introduced them both. I mean, he can meet Liz out of the blue just like a “poof” right?? Riiiiggggggghhhhtttttttt!! Whatev! I wasn’t over a bad incident yesterday. If there are valid reasons for that secrecy, then they just have to make sure its something INEFFABLE. Oops, I’m not cursing. I just learned the new term. Thought it might apply. LOL!

Finally, sans the food we have quite a good still here. Someting that's facebook-taggable. You know, the thing which you can show to your parents. Coz really, wassup with mumsies joining facebook?? Hahaha!!

Okay, time for outfit. I was wearing my first Zara shoes (purple!!! and high - yay!) I got last week on 70% off. Yeba! :D

I hope you noticed the imbalance of dishes we had (too meaty!!), I got guilty I went for 30-min work-out right after. Haha! Whatev, I still feel fat! Boo! (o__0)


Anonymous said...

Haha serves you right for being late, so you can't be on our little secret that you can't know about for at least another 2 months..

btw since I canceled HK and saved some money, I'm going to do some condo shopping before I leave haha. I gotta email my mom to see if I can get her to put up half, or if it's 100% my own funds :D


Anonymous said...

whatever! the 2 of u can meet on Monday alone if u want! :P


Nivek said...

KC, sounds like you're playing quite the cupid :)

Malabon Seafood Stew sounds delicious...

Anonymous said...

well spotted Einstein!! ;)


Anonymous said...

lol, cupid missed, but I didn't :D haha.

I've got less than 5 days to find you a husband, I'm starting to get worried.