Monday, July 13, 2009

One World Music

Stressed? That’s easy! Chill out with friends!

Cathy, bless her heart, has been initiative lately for some activities. I know it was just last Friday when we hanged out but what the heck! If every week’s more stressful than the previous one (think staying ‘til 9 PM in customer’s office on a Friday!) then the idea is very much welcome. For last Friday, she thought of doing some videoke in One World, GH.

This gurl knows me really well. Take for example this 7 PM phonecall,

Cathy: O, asan ka na?
KC: Ha? Andito pa ko sa Mandaluyong eh. D pa tapos work.
Cathy: Mag jam ka ba?
KC: Hindi nga eh. Pero ngdala ako ng…..(got interrupted with a PM from a workmate who's also working overtime in SG)…nng…..
Cathy: Ng ano, microphone?? (* Laughs *)

Haha! Or take for example our convo last last Friday before going to Jill’s where again she’s asking for my whereabouts,

KC: Dadaan muna ako ng gym kasi dun ako magbibihis. Di ako pwede lumabas ng bahay na nakapang-gimik.
Cathy: Anokaba? Eh kahit kelan naman kapag umaalis ka ng bahay naka pang gimik ready ka na!

Toink! Haha! But seriously, you’ll know when there’s lotsa load in my work. Some people can tell how very stressed others are by merely looking in the face. As for me? No need. Just look at what I’m wearing. Haha! I remember my friend Mike saying “dress down is not applicable for KC” - NOT TRUE!! :P And look just how I feel like singing, I think I’m belting out to JLo’s Let’s Get Loud here. :D

Aww, I will seriously miss that long hair! I just got my tresses trimmed this morning. More than two inches!! TWO INCHES!!! I wasn’t able to resist the stylist. :( And here’s a pic with the whole gang of FF GH with some trainers also. (",)


Nivek said...

Imagine the surprise to open your blog and not find a pic of a new pair of shoes! But then double the surprise to see you in jeans. Got to say that you look pretty sexy in that picture. I guess you've got that girl next door look going!

Anonymous said...

My tagalog is rusty, but did you just type you're not allowed to dress up when there's a gimmick going on? lol! Damn your parents are strict. I was kicked out of my house when I was 24 lol...


Anonymous said...

Oh Kev! Just wait for the new shoes! Just wait! Haha! I kid! But thanks! Will be frequent in jeans from now on.:P

Wil,'re partly right..The thing is, I'm not allowed to gimmick! Haha! Cathy and I are in the same situation, so we find the gym very useful for moments like this! LOL!

Anonymous said...

lol deng! Since you work at home, and not allowed to go out at night, there's no need to buy new clothes! w00t save money and travel more..
Two women in their 20's who still have curfews. lol f'n lol.. It's good to be a guy.