Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Sister's Keeper (But what I Do Wanna Blog About Is.....)

Such a tearjerker!!! I was a blubbering mess after the movie!! Joy (special thanks to her btw for the Powerplant complimentary tix! Ü), who’s so not used to seeing me in such a state was sooooo concerned and had got me asking repeatedly if I was okay. Appreciate the concern sweetness!! But really, I may be laughing like crazy all the time but I doooooo cry too you know. :P And it’s not from some stemming issues but just watch the movie for you to understand. :P

But then again, there are scenes there that just simply make me wonder like, “What are the chances that you’ll find love inside a hospital?” I mean, two cancer patients? Wow! I know what you’re thinking right now. It’s something like this, “Oh no, not this topic again KC!!!!” (And more exclamation points, wahahaha!!!) But really, just asking. Okay, I’m not going to obsess about this again so let me just kwento some more.

I just remember this instance while Lisa & I were on the way to Clark, she was telling me this story of this friend of hers who ultimately found his LOVE through Facebook. I said, facebook! Well not that they are really complete strangers coz they’re like schoolmates from way way back. But it’s a long distance relationship since the girl is in U.S. but get this! By the time they’ll meet up again sometime end of this year (which is the first after them being in a relationship), they’re gonna go for it and take the plunge! I mean, like WOW!! Right?? I guess things like this REALLY DO happen huh??

So after some conclusion and wishing well for the couple in our conversation (you know those sentences that starts with “At least” like “At least he already found the one blah blah blah or something like “good for him”). Wistfully, we retreated back to silence but it was broken when I blurted out.

“Lamo satin lang di nangyayari yang mga ganyan eh!” (These things happen to other people except for us you know?”

And Lisa was like, “Alamo yun? Ok na eh! Sinisira mo pa eh!” Translation: Dude, do you really have to twist every knife?? You’re spoiling the mood!

Hahahaha!! Sorry, that was just me. :P :P :P

Anyways, no room for some melancholic spirits! I would like to make a toast to the couple that has just gotten back together!! WEEEEEEE!!! I knew it! :P Just like how I believe in that line “Everybody needs some little time away, far away from each other.” (Oooh, I feel like singing :P) for you to realize each other’s worth when they’re gone and that unforgettable SMS I got that I always use to forward to my friends. It’s something about how God made this world ROUND. So that, say if two lovers who were really meant to be walk away from each other, they’ll eventually meet up at some point of it in the end. Awwwwww…that quote is bloody brilliant! :P Wow, I feel like I’m Dr. Love or something. Hahahaha!!! What can I say?? Kasalan na to!!! Hahaha!!! :D

And here's a pic of us with a wrong movie background (LOLs!) and me being a sorry sight after the movie. Hehehe.

Btw, My Sister's Keeper is somewhat a family story you know. And did I blog about that huh? All I can say is, WOW! LOL!


Nivek said...

I can't believe you saw that movie. At least you didn't have to pay for it...

I also met my x through Facebook and it was a distance thing too. She lives in LA so it was either a 5 hour drive or 1 hour flight.

Anonymous said...

why? the story's nice..i like cameron too! :)

really? is that candice? good for you.. :)