Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In Their Shoes (Kwento Mode)

Our kwento for today is about the people whose shoes I wanna be in right now. :P

- Teacher Liz. Ű Well yeah congratulations to this girl for now being a “part-time instructor”. :) I’ve always wanted to become a teacher. Matter of fact, my plan after college is just to take up a master’s degree while doing part-time teaching to support my studies just like what my cousin did. But then after the board exams, I just had to see what the so-called “real world” out there has got to offer for me. And when Intel came in, yeah like Liz said during the orientation “Who could resist such a prestigious company?” Yeah I can still remember those words! That was our 1st day @ Intel & she grabbed the seat that was reserved for me by Joanne! Learning that she’s a La Sallite, I had an initial impression right then and there that she’s being a b*tch to me. But then who would’ve guessed that we’d jell in the end? Of course, I was wrong about her. :P

So before I wander far far beyond the point, let me just tell that I’m soooo jealous whenever she tells stories of her cute students!! WAHAHA!! Of course it’s not the reason why I want to be a teacher! Hahaha!! I like the thought of imparting knowledge, being a good example (O Lisa ha, bawal mgkacrush sa student! Hahaha!!), training your brain regularly through different mental exercises (math problems for example), and most of all being in the company of young persons. :) It makes you feel young too! Although, I have to say I always like being the youngest among my different sets of friends and even at work too! The last time she told me about this new job, she’s just started her first day. So this weekend in Palawan, I expect her to fill me in! Haha! :D Next,

teacher na mukhang student :P

- I refuse to name this batchmate of mine & I can’t believe that I’m really really putting him into my list of those I wanna be. Haha! But I have to hand it to him for not leaving his passion for music. I’m not entirely sure about this but I think he’s practicing his technical expertise in some company but he’s still very active in his choir, solo performing for some seminars during intermissions (At this juncture, girlfriend Liz might think that this is some guy with same talent for singing that I’m sort of crushing on, that guy whom I felt regret that I didn’t notice when I had a chance to do a duet with him for a general assembly before at work, but sorry you’re wrong. :P This topic is about people I wanna be, that guy is someone I want to be with! Wahaha!! Kidding. :P Anyway, in continuation) and most of all, he has this account in Imeem where he recorded his favorite songs and did his renditions. With all due respect to those who make their covers via Youtube, a lot of which I found disturbing, I found that this site is rather a modest way of broadcasting your talent. So part of the reason why I was hesitating to put his name here it’s because you know I praised him in one of my comments. I was impressed that despite being a technical guy, he’s not neglecting his talents. I’m always amazed and supportive of those people who are continuously evolving. (Wow, evolve. Para lang Pokemon! Haha! :D) So I’m not sure what I was expecting but it seems like I didn’t get any acknowledgement of my comment. It’s been a while now. So must I think that he’s being arrogant? A man so full of himself? Haha! But setting that aside, I wanna make something similar to what he did. I actually wanna know how he gets these multiplex mp3s and how he records songs. Does he own a recording studio? Haha! Every September, I would promise a gift to myself that I will do a recording in a CD of some songs but until now I’ve never really found the time to do that. Neither have the slightest idea on how to accomplish that. :P So to end this bullet, I really hope he’ll make real good use of his talent and yeah all the best to whatever he wants to pursue in his life. :P (Bitter?? Haha!) Moving on, when it comes to matters of the heart.....

- Once again, I’d rather let her unnamed. I can’t believe I’m having the energy to put her love story here. :P Believe me, this particular scene in this girlfriend of mine is so “soap-opera-ish”. After ending a 6-yr relationship with this guy, she moved on found a new one who’s apparently “heaps” better than the previous, everything went on smoothly for 4 months. Then one fine day, ex-boyfriend shows up in her house, the current bf finds the car of the guy parked outside and of course there will be this "scene" outside the girl's house. Ex boyfriend walks to current and says “Pare, okay na kami. Pabayaan mo na kami.” Girlfriend protests but was held by the ex-bf. Current one gives way but of course without uttering those final words with the gist of make sure you take care of her or something similar to that. Okay, let me breathe first.

My. Gawd! I never thought those scenes that I only see in TV happen in real life!! O diba, parang si JR, Dave and Audrey lang in Tayong Dalawa?? EKSENA-belles!! LOL!! But generally, I find those scenes irritating!! I mean, come on! This problem is just a piece of my favorite Dulce de Leche cake!! :P So why do I want to be in her shoes?

When solicited with my opinion as to what to do, my advice was very simple. Go and talk to the guy. There may be a whole other complexities involved in here but she found this suggestion of mine opposed as to what everybody’s been telling her - to just let it go and wait for the guy to approach her first. Okay, I understand where they’re coming from. It’s the idea that she’s the girl, she’s innocent and that she must wait for the guy to ask her back blah blah blah. But this is where I’m coming from - a girl who has clearly nothing wrong with herself (my opinion only ^^) but is counting years of singlehood! What do I mean?? If you found a LOVE as great as that, then you must simply FIGHT for it! Just simply don’t let it go! I can’t find a substitute for this Tagalog word, but I define LOVE as mailap for some. It doesn’t come and happen to everybody. You say LET LOVE FIND YOU?? I SAY LOVE ISN’T THAT CLEVER. LOVE ISN’T ACTUALLY ALL THAT CONCERNED ABOUT YOU. Turning bitter ba?? Hahaha!! Don’t worry I just got it from a book I read. :P I like the idea of fighting for a love that is sooo bloody worth-it! Oops, don’t look at me as though I’m an expert on this. Okay yeah I might have done it in the past, but I was wrong and it wasn’t worth it after all. What the heck?? This isn’t my love story. :P

Another point I’m coming from is that I always believe that in every misunderstanding, both parties have their fair share of mistake. That’s why I’m not that ma-pride when it comes to saying sorry. But then again, having been single for years now I’m not that really fit to give love advises right?? :P Well, this week is crucial coz she sort of followed my counsel and there were some hints to a positive result. So I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. :P I wish a happy ending for the two and see my girlfriend happy. :)

- Feeling my energy draining after all these kwentos, lastly I’d like to be this girl Taghrid. This can mean being literally in her “amazing” collection of shoes, if she’s a size 40 that is. Haha!! Been frequenting her blog for sometime now, I really am surprised how she finds the time to do these amazing shots that feature her clothes, shoes, etc.

I barely know what she does for a living but I believe that yes, she’s employed. She’s already been featured on different press articles and magazines, even asked to model for some local brands just simply through her blog. I mean, magazines just lift off pictures from her site and she didn’t even have to pose for them because her pictures are already magazine-ready! At times I feel ashamed of myself and to all other fashion bloggers out there who could do so much justice to their shoes and dresses by finding nice backdrops, figuring the perfect poses, etc. :P I know owning a very good camera can be a good start but doing oculars on settings and directed poses? Good luck to that! So yeah she officially caps off my list of wanna-be for today. :)

So yeah, hopefully I can do justice to the red assymetrical dress I got on sale from Warehouse last Saturday. :) Wahaha!!

P.S. Watch Nobody by Wonder Girls in Youtube! I already managed Lisa to get hooked onto it! Hahaha!!!

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