Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cosmetics 101

Out of boredom on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I decided to touch a little area of my bedroom just to filter some things. Believe me, it always gives me a frisson of delight whenever I throw some stuffs from my bedroom. Actually the word "bedroom" is politically incorrect anymore as I don't sleep there anymore what with the dresses strewn on the bed everyday. And seeing it's currently sordid state, I'd rather not call it a "dresser" as though I'm giving so much dignity in it. XD Let's just call it a haplessly casual mishmash of my stuffs! XD And on that day,my project was my make-up boxes.

Until now I don’t have any idea why I keep on blogging things right after I do make a clean up of my room. While I do agree that yes there were a lot of realizations about things and stuff but they’re utterly unbeneficial to mankind. Haha!! Take for example how I realized that:

(a) I’ve got enough eyeliners to use for my entire lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me how surprising was that!! Haha!!! Let me tell you a brief history on eyeliners. Mi mama is not much of a make-up person. She doesn’t need it thank you very much, I’m proud to say that. And while we’re at the subject let me just for the record say that she was being wooed during her teenage years to be a toothpaste star in TV! You know how it was back then, no thanks to orthodontics for fixing my teeth and definitely no casting for commercial star wannabes like these days. Talent managers before come explore to “discover” beauty. And a real beauty she was! I mean, until now! :P So yeah her basic cosmetics just involve a lipstick and an eyeliner and that’s just it! So when I was young and watching her use only those kinda grew up on me. As for the quantity, believe me I didn’t acquire it through retail therapy. The thing is, we once had this store where we sell these and when it closed, I realized I kind of kept all these pencils with me. :P And you girls know how eye pencils can be. A 3-inch length can already be good for half a year I believe so. So my current worry is how to dispose of these black pencils, which I use to wear before until a saleslady once explained to me, that blue black is the current “in” and that black can give you that very strong and fierce look. * sigh *

(b) I think the inspiration of liquid blusher came from VJ (yes you Venus Jameel, haha!) when I saw her using the thing on her face years ago. I observed how deftly they apply the thing on their cheeks and voila! They suddenly become pink-cheeked and glowing! I suddenly realized, hey I can be a blush-girl! But when I already have the exact thingy in my hand and tried it on, oh dear I looked like someone spanked me in the face! HAHAHA!! I can never be a blush-on girl, can I? You know what’s more effective?? Just observe me whenever my crush is near and spots of strawberry coulis will instantly pop into my cheek! LOL! But……………the thing is, I never stopped trying!! Translation: I NEVER LEARN! Every time I see a liquid blusher in all its pink glory in a very cute tube or any plastic holder, expect me to be enticed to buy! Geese, what a bummer! The lesson here?? Whenever you buy something, take out the price tag of the item! So that years after when you take out your great make-up kit and see that very item UNUSED, you’ll not WINCE on how much you wasted money for it! LOLs!! I couldn’t help ring up the total cost of these untouched liquid blushers of mine! What’s with all these beauty kit presentations anyway? :P

(c) YES KC YOU CAN JOLLY WELL REPLACE THAT RUBBER ON YOUR EYELASH CURLER. YOUR EYELASHES WILL BE GRATEFUL! Hahaha!! I realized I’ve been using this curler of mine for months now and haven’t thought of replacing the rubber until I saw a spare one in my make-up box recently. > _ <

(d) WHAT IS IT WITH LIPGLOSS???? I’ve been addicted to wearing these since I was in 3rd year college! Come to think of it, they give me a hard time everytime I would have to cover my face due to smoke or pollution I had to press my lips together so as not to spread the gloss over the hanky. Or worse, at times when the wind blows I have to do the same but then at times I will still see smudges at some part of my face?? Not chic! XD Compared to blushers, I have MORE lipgloss! There’s the one with glitters, the one for plump lips look, the one with collagen, the one for retaining the color of your lips, there are gifts from friends!!! Aaaaarrrggghhh!!! A trivia. I was just starting blogging when John gave me this Victoria’s Secret lipgloss “Sweet Talk” when he went back from a US business trip so I decided to name the blog after it. John is an ex-colleague from Intel. See?? Way way back!! And surprise!!! I still have the tube with me even with the name “Sweet Talk” name on it already erased due to frequent use before. It still has a little left in it and I found it last Sunday. What’s with sentimental values?????? Don’t lipgloss have expiration date too?????? Aaaargh!! Hehe.

(e) Same like liquid blushers, sad to say that I’m not an eye palette person too!! Yes seeing blending of different colors in magazines is really FAB but however instructions were printed at the back for the type of brush and even with color combination already provided, they’re never easy! =( And this is the reason why I’m so impressed with my besty Joy for being an expert on cosmetics! She can do it on a moving vehicle and sometimes she’ll just make-up herself even when she’s only cleaning her room! So “landi” isn’t it? Haha! Whenever we go shopping in SG, she will visit this cosmetics section that introduces the “mineral technology”. Wow, sounds FAB! But even with the DVD demo provided, I don’t think I can perfect it! :P I’m not really KIKAY as others call me. I’m NOT. :P

I think partly the reason why I can never be modern on cosmetics is just because like my hair, I’m quite hesitant to put so much in it or do so much about it. I’m afraid of break-outs or any irritations I’m sooooo done with them in my college years. :P But speaking of hair, ever since I had it trimmed I kind of loving having the volumes back! It made me realize, there was a time back then when I had to use “rollers” in order to put volumes into my hair. I just noticed that ever since the “straightening, relaxing, rebonding” technology was introduced, the volume trend didn’t come back anymore. I thought trends are supposed to come and go???

Anyway, I’m keeping the volumes for now although it’s kind of hard to achieve but atleast I’m making a special effort. In my whole 25 years on earth I never really use a hair-blower for my hair! Don’t be surprised here. YUP, IT’S TRUE! So now with the help of this very expensive Kerastase Oleo-Slim Leave-On the hair stylist recommended me (believe me, I nearly died myself when I heard of the price! Haha!), I’m trying to make it work with the hair-blower! I actually I hated it’s scent when I first tried it on coz it smells of a men’s musk! But lately, I’m quite being fond of it! I’m not sure if its because it gives me the idea that a man is just so near everytime I smell my hair (haha! gosh, I’m so men-barren! If there’s a term such as that, haha!!) but really I like it! :P And come to think of it, aren’t you growing tired of seeing straight hair??? I say, LET’s BRING THE VOLUMES BACK!!!! :D


Anonymous said...

Man barren? lol... I seriously need to get you a bf when I'm there. I'm glad I'm going there cause I'm currently going through the exact opposite. How many guys do you know are going to a bridal shower? lol f'n lol.. and I'm not even gay..
Too much drama, 24/7.. I should send you the message I wrote trying to break up with a girl via facebook haha...

You should trying getting cut in layers.. Not sure if it's popular in Manila but it involves cutting unevenly in length.. Not your typical Salon visit :D


You need a tan.. :D

Wil / 4 more weeks w00t!

Anonymous said...

bridal shower? why r u invited in the first place?? hahaha!! who's this girl ur breaking up with? the vietnamese?

no they're not the trend! LOL! a Tan?? im not sure if im going to listen to your suggestions! hahaha!!

woohoo!! 4 weeks!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Look at the pic of the girl on the top right with black tights on.. That cut is full of layers. aka style lol.. Ya you do need a tan. You're so puti.. lol. Have you seen the sun lately? haha. All I know is when I come to Manila, I'll be Asian, when I leave, I'll be black haha.
No not the Viet.. We're not even going out, where have you been lately? :D


Anonymous said...

oh ya.. to answer your question about the bridal shower, she was once one of my best friends during my drinking days haha.. and she wants to to go because I introduced her to her fiancee(see I can play cupid.. give me 5 days of chilling out in Makati, I can find you a guy! lol) and she wants me to do some photography of the shower as well.
I'm going not for those reasons obviously..
It's a room full of girls, and free food.. What else can you ask for? haha.
btw check out the pics below, those are sandals that have an ugg feel.. They're around 30 to 40 dollars, and extremely popular.

Anonymous said...

I need a sign on, so I can edit my own post.. the girl I'm talking about with layers is on your own blog.. The It-Girl blog you did on July 28th.
Black tight pants, White shirt.. Hair full of layers.


Nivek said...

Wow I saw that there were 5 comments and thought I'd find something deep and profound inside. :)

Really KC, I agree with Wil that you need a tan.

Tisha said...

You can have mine. I'm trying to get rid of two years' worth of constant sun exposure.:s

Re: volume, I don't know about trends, but volume has always been my hair philosophy. (And why should we let trends dictate our choices anyhow?:D) Re: Kerastase, it's funny, I didn't even know it was so pricey. I just gave a bottle of mine away coz I've gotten all these hair products from beauty ed friends!

Anonymous said...

Erm, 1st of all it's the first time a man is suggesting something about my physical appearance so i don't know how to react..haha!!

Wil, I'm not so puti noh! Honestly compare me to all other Pinays here I don't give a damn if I get "itim" as what they call it if I swim or just merely expose myself under the sun..kaya lang tan is out of this season coz hello? it's rainy na here in pinas..summer okay pa i think! :P


Anonymous said...

Hi Tish! Yeah you're right we shouldn't let the trend dictate our choices. :)

About the Kerastase, haha! Yeah they're quite pricey..I still need that Oleo-Relax masque for hot-oil treatment substitute and I'll just probably buy it some other time.. :)