Friday, October 10, 2008

Samsung Ultimate race Gallery # 3: 5th - 8th Pit Stops

Pure statement of facts. That’s all I can afford for now. Allow me to continue with the 3rd gallery of the Samsung Ultimate Race.

5th stop: M café at Greenbelt. This is where we’re supposed to have lunch and you can tell from the pics if we had any. =P Gamemaster Vince Hizon will give the instructions before you enter the bistro. A memory card will be given that has a quite long video (in DivX format) of the phone and it contains the clue to the next stop. But before we leave, we have to take a Mosaic shot with the fountain in the background.

6th stop: Samsung concept shop in Glorietta. Using the TV-out function of the phone, one member of the team must play Asphalt 4 in a big screen and then print out the pictures taken from the previous pit stops using the Pictbridge feature of the phone.

7th stop: Back to McKinley. One member must do a long board for atleast 10 seconds while the other members must video record it and save it into the memory card. The card will be submitted after to the assigned marshall.

8th stop: Blue Leaf in McKinley. Using the printed photos in the concept shop, the team must find the materials to be used for the collage somewhere inside the restaurant. End of race. =D

Pictures can be viewed here. I still owe you the stories. Will find time for it. ;-)


If you guys are free, I would like to invite you to a concert of Parokya ni Edgar later at 9 PM in Eastwood. This will be for the launch of our Samsung Fun Club. :) Absobloodylutely no tickets!! :D See you all there. :D

Pretty hectic weekend ahead of me. I hope you also have nice plans for relaxation. =)


Nivek said...

This new Samsung phone you're always gushing about, does it run Windows Mobile 6 or 6.1? Is it called the Omnia or Tocco? I'm looking forward to a Windows Mobile 7 device though. Any word when we might see one?

rv dealer said...

well samsung mobiles are really cool

Nivek said...

My bro just got the Glide and it is so cool... only issue is that it is Verizon only for now :(

When will T-Mobile get something cool?