Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Change Management Workshop

Picturesque. I think that word best describes the place I’ve been to last week. It’s a very beautiful resort that’s just 90 minutes away from Manila, Punta de Fabian resort in Baras, Rizal. It’s quite amazing how a place that’s just so near the city looks that “preserved”.

I belonged to the 3rd and last batch of the participants from our company. It’s nice to be grouped with my closest girl Angela. Ü We didn’t get to take that much pictures around because of the jampacked activities for the 1.5 days we stayed there. The 1st and 2nd batch had this military secret on what they did but it was for certain that we should come dressed in “rags” because of the heavy outdoor activities. =P

The outdoor activities for Friday finished at around 9 PM but all in all we finished about 3 AM in the morning. I woke up 6 AM to squeeze in a li’l workout in the pool before we resume at 8:30 AM. I miss swimming. =P

The workshop was entitled Change Management for the Business Environment and tackled something about adapting to the inevitable changes everywhere. Granted, it’s a seminar provided to the company but the realizations can be applied to almost every aspect of one’s life. Highlights of the workshop are:

1. Fun, fun, fun outdoor activities that tested my leadership skills.
2. Funny how just simple holding hands activities can make you develop a crush for someone. Hmm, I must say the admiration is there to begin with but it was just denied because the guy is already taken. And we’re not just talking about taken “in a relationship status” here, it’s taken “with a ring” here. Hehehe. BUT, don’t you worry; it’s your quintessential good girl here. Yup, not doing anything about that. Let me remind you that I’m the least fatale of all women. It’s just nice having some new inspiration in the office, work has been lackluster lately. :P
3. The emotional Saturday gave me time to really know most of the persons in the office. I’ve new mommies and daddies, hehehe. I just hope that it wasn’t too late for the bonding, but nevertheless I was grateful for the chanc to know these hardworking individuals. (Hint, hint). :P
4. Most memorable of all was the last words of the facilitator named JR. It was the end of the workshop and I was about to walk out of the hall when he called after me. I approached him and he said “Iha, wag ka nang magtrabaho sa Samsung.” (Don’t work for Samsung anymore.) Ok, I was like huh?? Why is he saying this to me?? He’s the facilitator of this workshop and he must convince everybody to stay because hey I know it’s one reason for the teambuilding activities so what the heck is he saying to me?? I replied, “Bakit po?” (Why?) to which he replied “Mag-model ka na lang.” (Be a model). Yay!! Yay!! Yay!!

Come and visit their resort. Of all the things there, I was impressed with the service. 3 AM when we finished the activities and you can still find their staffs around helping you with your things, escorting you to your room, assisting you with your needs, etc. You can visit their website here.


Nivek said...

Looks like a nice place... hope I can go there someday.

So my most beautiful friend, where should I look at your blog? Here? Multiplicity?

Anonymous said...

hi kev! i see that u also signed up in multiply..haha!! whatever's most convenient 4 ya..;-)

rv dealer said...

well this is cool workshop