Saturday, July 05, 2008

Thank You for the Music

I may not be in love right now but I feel like I am ever since I heard this song. I think this was already available about a year ago and I only discovered it last week. I looooove Jinky Vidal's rendition of Tonight I Give In here (and did I say the Teddy too ;-).


Aaah, the kind of song you'd love to listen to when you're just starting a relationship. *Kilig*

Up next is another oldies from Mariah Carey. Of course I listened to it before but I just had the chance to study the lyrics, again, last week. Hehe. The type wherein your heart feels like bursting out with so much love for a person. (This one's not auto-play.)


I dedicate this song to those who are so much in love right now. Yihee!!

While my heart is yet at its "dormant" state (woohoo, i love the term), I'm grateful that these music help my heart recall the beauty of having someone to love.

And again to my azygous girlfriends right now, STEADY lang tayo. Hihi. Our time will come. ;-)

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