Thursday, July 03, 2008


One night, my younger brother Lem went into my room and showed me his new gadget, a PSP. He told me that he bought the thing to keep him while waiting for shoots and VTRs. He knows me too well to know that I will be delighted not in the PSP itself but in the game he was currently playing – Super Mario. Hehe. Since it was late and I was working on something, I wasn’t able to play with it.

But the other Sunday when power was out for most of the day and there were no other forms of entertainment available, me and my siblings were overjoyed to have something to keep us amused. Haha!! So the three of us were there gathered around in the living room, waiting for each other’s turn in using the gadget. Oh my gosh, I can’t help but be nostalgic at the very scene of us.

It’s the same us when we were still kids gathered around our Nintendo family computer some good 18 years ago. The family computer (as it was called back then) was stationed in the TV in the 2nd floor near the terrace (so the elders watching news downstairs won't be disturbed). Haha!! And I was beyond thrilled to learn that most of the games we were playing during that time are STILL ALIVE. How were they able to preserve it?? ** I mean come on, Charlie Circus, Iceman, Adventure Island and the likes???? Haha. Happy because I know I have a lot of “easy” games to play with. Wahaha!!

So when it was already my turn and I was playing Super Mario, my Kuya (older brother) came to me and presented me with an offer:

“Dang, bigay mo sakin pra bigyan kita ng 100up tapos babalik ko na sayo.”

Ohmigod. It’s the same cajoling my brother would use to me back then to take control of the player. Haha. They (he and my younger brother) know all these tricks when it comes to different games. And my full respect for my Kuya developed during this one time that one of our cousins Kuya Eli came to us. Kuya Eli was already in this final level of a certain game (I think it’s Ghostbusters if my memory serves me right) and he can’t seem to finish it. So I gave the Gameboy to my Kuya and after less than 5 minutes he was able to finish the game. That fast!! I was like WOW because I swear we didn’t own a Gameboy all our lives and I was sure Kuya hasn’t played of that game before.

But just like when we were children after he accomplished that trick of 100up or save me from a very hard gaming scenario with a very hard to beat "mother" (believe me these are just in light levels haha), they won’t give the thing back to me. How very cunning of them, haha!! 18 years ago, this matter would already be brought up to the attention of my mom through my hissy fits. Wahaha. But of course I can’t do that anymore, hehe. There were also times back then when I was resigned to keep it to myself because if they got reprimanded by Mam, I won’t be able to seek their help in advancing to the next level. Sigh, poor me for being the only girl among my siblings. Hehe.

When I was once again in control, I was like complaining already in Level 3 of Circus Charlie. Level 3, goodness!! “Ano ba ‘to ang hirap!!” Hahaha. Then more comments, “Wala ba tong skip to next level after game over?” when the game was finally over. Hahaha!! I’m such a moron, a philistine, when it comes to these things. Haha!! But in all fairness to me, the last game I got addicted to was that of Nokia's N95 Snakes (I hope Samsung forgives me just for the mere mention of the competitor :P). I blogged it here how I was able to finish all 37 levels in 7 days without any help. (Proud daw? Haha). But I heard games are so advanced these days ha?? You can search for tricks on the net. Nothing is really impossible with the information superhighway. But still, it won't present any challenge anymore no???

I can’t help but realize how electronic games were so simpler back then. The type wherein jumping into a ring of fire with a lion or monkeys (remember how your body used to go with the movement as though it’s gonna help? Haha) or breaking ice or saving the princess or feeding a growing snake would already make children happy and fulfilled. Unlike nowadays, games have become so violent (admit it) that some even resulted to violence such as a student in the US killing his whole class just to imitate what he sees in the games??? Sad, sad. :(

Also, today we're not those kids anymore who are worry-free and quarrel over something so inane such as turns in using the PC. We're already adults now dealing with complicated problems and living our busy schedules. I'm glad that this thing somehow gives us the chance to be back to our younger states. Like last night I had to be extra sweet to Lem to lend me the thing. Unsuccessful, tsk tsk!! That's the reason also why I don't wanna buy (although I'm really lusting) that same gadget in glossy pink shade to add to my pinkie gadget collections (Aaargh!). And just like how in the games they help me get out of difficult levels, I know that in real life my two brothers will just the same be there to extend their hand whenever their gorgeous sister needs it. (-,-)

** The last thing we had for our family games was the same Nintendo family computer. We didn't own any Gameboy, Playstation or anything of that sort.

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