Monday, May 19, 2008

Vested Interest

Another reason to love the rain: layering! :) You know me, I have this obsession of going thematic on a week and last week was about VESTS!! :P I consider it a defining point of my identity. Hahaha!!

an ordinary Tuesday at work

friday training at Microsoft

a very slight hint of my dimple :P with Angela & Joy

saturday blues

grape shake on a rainy Saturday

it's Sam's treat at Italianni's. Thanks Sam! Missed ya! :)

the love council :P
Yup, the love council. Love the term. The same trio that consults each other for love problems. Hey, maybe we should put up our own love clinic. Hahaha! But since I'm not allowed to divulge nor give any hint of what that meeting was about, I would just like to guarantee you guys that it's not about me. Hahaha!! :P Sam, we're still hopeful. :)
And to gear up for the rainy season, tada......hihi!

My yellow trench. Woot!! Now you know what the next theme would be. :P

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