Friday, May 23, 2008

KR Travelogue Day6a: An Early Morning Debate

Blaring static at 5 AM, I bolted from the bed. Why? Why did I set the alarm at this early?? I racked my brain in two fronts and then remembered the purpose. Oh, Lawrence!! Because we barely talked due to exhaustion when we reached our floor last night, I recalled texting him before I sleep to knock on my room to say goodbye. Oh, please don’t give me that look. Yes, it may have been an extra effort on my part to wake up early just to bid goodbye but of course it’s because I don’t treat him just an ordinary colleague. He’s earned my respect as one of the smart professionals that I’ve worked with, amazed me with his wit whenever we talk and I admit, albeit embarrassingly, that I like him before. But the fact that he’s opened up his love problem to me only meant that our relationship had gone beyond its business context. It’s safe to say that he’s concerned on mine as well as he was persistent on asking my plans last night with Mr. You-Know-Who.

“KC, you know my advice to you is very easy to do. Inviting him for a coffee doesn’t really mean something else. Just have a casual conversation.” He insisted.

“Stop it, please. No, I’m not doing whatever is it that you’re asking me to. Besides, I don’t even know if the guy is single or is already married.” Yeah, now I’m ferreting out information.

“Of course he’s still single!”

“Really?” I said with my eyes wide open digesting this nugget of information he’s just relayed to me. But knowing him and Dien full well, I doubted it. “How can you be so sure?? He was constantly texting someone when we were in Casanoba. Didn’t you notice?”

“He was texting his mother! Of course he’s got his family to worry about!” Again, him explaining to me as though he was talking to a goldfish.

I can’t get my head round this. Never mind that he’s just made me feel dumb again. Sometimes, I just really like Lawrence. Haha!! It had irritated me that if there’s an award for Most Friendly in the conference, it would have to be given to him but who cares?? Look who’s just benefited from his schmoozing . Haha!!

I called up the receptionist to connect me to the next room but no one’s answering. He’s gone!! Maybe he’s having his breakfast now. I considered going down to look for him but I looked at my PJs and decided against it. Well maybe I can face him in this room in this look even with my night cream on but with other people?? No way!!

I sprawled myself in the bed assessing all of my options. Honestly, I briefly considered last night sharing an early breakfast with him but it would just spoil my chance of seeing for the last time the only person that I truly miss – the very essence of my existence. Hahaha!! Everybody’s out on their own now and unless I called Samuel on what time he’s going to have his breakfast - which I really couldn’t imagine myself doing not even prank calling him - the only way to see him is to strategically (yep, you bet that’s the term haha!) plan the time to consume this free meal. Lots of thinking to do later, I better get myself more sleep. I temporarily closed my eyes and argued that Lawrence will understand. Well it’s not like he asked me to do it, I was just being insistent on seeing him. And I slept once more.

An hour and a half later, I was greeted with a very nice patch of sunshine in my room. Good morning Seoul!! :) I stood by my window and took in the sight that stood before me. Mountains and trees in Seoul?? Why do I feel like I’m still in the suburbs??

I checked my phone and saw a message from Lawrence instructing me and Dien on how to get to the airport from the hotel. How thoughtful!! I ignored that feeling of guilt for not even offering to have a breakfast with him; I’ve got one more thing to worry about. I checked the breakfast coupon and it says that it’s valid ‘til nine in the morning. It’s already 7 AM and the earliest time to make it downstairs (considering the long bath and dressing up) would be an hour later. I just hope he’s not the type who’s having his breakfast very early else I’ll lose it. For a moment I thought about going down every 30 minutes or so just to check if he’s already in there (haha!), but that would be really desperate. An hour before the validity time, I think that’s sound enough.

It didn’t really take long for me to dress up. I just donned a black body-hugging top, dark blue skinny jeans and my ankle-length boots and I was ready to strut myself down the dining area; keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll find him. Just this last time, please. Just one last chance.

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