Monday, May 26, 2008

Reyna ng Sablay

Have I got a story for you guys?? I sure do. Duh?!?! Like I run out of anecdotes to share, hehe. Just like my travelogues, this one’s a bit delayed. Though blogging has been a very nice immediate outlet for venting out your emotions, I learned to temporarily keep them for myself. I need time to totter on the edge just to see what the landscape beyond has got to offer. Although I’ve given the subtlest hints about these in my previous posts, now I’m ready to spill it all out. And what is it all about you may ask?? Well, this will be about my recent mishaps with MEN and how I truly deserve the title above: Reyna ng Sablay!! Interesting, right?? Yay!! Hahaha!! :D

Strike #1: Aaah, the benefit of having a blogger friend. I didn’t really have to strain myself and think of words to explain what happened. She posted about it in here and I copied parts of it here. Here’s a catch though, if you clicked on the site, you’ll discover a nice page with insights from another prolific writer friend of mine, Lissy. Ü Clue: This is the time when I told you that I almost jumped into a “In a relationship” status. Remember? She entitled this post as The Bomalabs Strike Back.

Its hard 4 me 2 mit up wid u kc nalilito din ako. I dnt knw really if i love her, but i knw dat she loves me..."
- Actual SMS message from Mr. Bomalabs (to my girlfriend)

5:39 p.m., Wednesday. I was on my way to ride the shuttle service going home from the office when my phone buzzed with an SMS message from my girlfriend. She was having this convo (via SMS) with a guy we both know from sometime way back, and from the looks of it my friend was being put on the 'spot' by the guy, and she was confused (and a little giddy, to be honest) as to where the convo would lead to. For a while I got really excited for her, knowing too well that their friendship has come quite a long way and that yes, she likes the guy. I stay tuned as she updated me on how their convo was going, until she told me that the guy confessed having gotten back with his ex-girlfriend (come to think of it, it's now gonna be 'ex-ex-girlfriend', ha ha!). It would have been fine, as if two good friends were sharing some good news in an attempt to catch up with each others' lives. It's really just fine. Until he dropped the bomb and confessed that he's had feelings for my friend even way before, and that he isn't that enthusiastic about the getting-back-together thing because he's not so sure whether he still loves his ex or not.

That’s the gist. You may all have different views as from what she sees it (if you continued reading in her blog), but it really doesn’t matter. That guy is dead, gone, excised from my life. Since when?? Since I learned last week when I checked his profile and he has a pic hugging this very cute fluffy puppy that he oh-so-discreetly named KC!! Aaargh!! Yep, he knows I LOVE dogs and I just hate myself for being too nosy on his life. He should’ve been long dead, gone and excised from my life. Phhhbt!!

Strike #2: Again, I’ve hinted about this in a post about the party at Dolce. I was surrounded by my Korean counterparts and some friends so I’m quite sure I’m safe not to be approached by anyone. It’s a company event and I’m quite having fun already with my colleagues. But then this stranger came and ok, I was a bit impressed with his undaunted move. At first, it was just fine discovering that we came from the same school and all that jazz. He was even courteous enough to buy me a drink and to introduce me to his friends. But a little later, he came out insinuating what he really wanted. He probably got the idea that somehow I was into it because of my friendliness, but this man winded me up the wrong way. I didn’t really feel degraded because of course; I know in my logical mind that most of the people here come for that and that no decent man can ever be found in places like that. I was just caught off guard in the situation and I’m thankful that I managed to escape out of it. That guy can just sod off should I meet him up in the future. Well, that’s if we’ll meet coz I’m keeping it quite low for now. :P

Strike #3: This guy and his friend were present in situation # 2. The last time I saw them was already about a year ago, when my friend rejected his friend. They’re those richie rich kids type who just spent all their lives hitting up the clubs at night. Since I last met him in Dolce, he was a bit insistent on text that we all meet up. I wasn’t really keen about this because I know he’s already got a son and there’s no point of us hanging out. But after canceling on him FOUR times, I gave in when he said he was just infront of the office running errands for his sister’s bakeshop nearby. So there I was a bit conscious that I’m on a corporate suit meeting up with this guy yet for all I know I will be victimized with a very old modus operandi: I was stolen with a phone!! My friend and I were both shell-shocked with what just happened believing that he was so much incapable of doing it. After 2 days, the guy showed up to me with his friend and was very apologetic about it. He explained he was in dire need and works are now on the way for the phone to be returned.

Let me just point out that this all happened consecutively and within a span of I think 2 months. Okay, everybody now!! Hahaha!!! Oh come on, I can’t hear you. Make it louder. HAHAHA!! Let me join, WAHAHA, HA-DI-HA, HA-DI-BLOODY-HA!! Not only am I funny right?? My lovelife is a COMPLETE JOKE!! I am a walking disaster. D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R, disaster!! There!! Now don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m not here for a sympathy overload and I’m also not sharing bitter sentiments about it. I simply summarized these facts to give you the reason why I am still SINGLE right now or perhaps, the rationale why I should become an OLD MAID in the future. Haha!! While some of you may violently react and say that it’s too early for me to tell, I think it’s better to be prepared now and embrace it than spend a long time anticipating for someone to come. Come to think of it, there’s an aunt in each of my parent’s side that embraced the same fate. Though I’m not saying that it’s hereditary, it seems that there’s just likelihood.

Honestly, I’ve been badly hurt in love ONCE but I’m not afraid to open up my heart again. Really, it’s a wonderful feeling to be in love. And while some of you may argue that my pickiness maybe the reason for this entire debacle, you can very well recall how I once set it aside and the disaster that happened. *sigh*

Music of the Moment: Hari ng Sablay. (Can’t embed due to incompatibility with Imeem)

And while you’re at it with the music, please change the Hari to Reyna too. *wink*

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