Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Dress, the Phone and the Nieces

Credit goes to my friend Lisa (who's still hasn't read my last post, hahaha!) for the title. I noticed that she has this hobby of creating titles in that pattern, hehe.

So last Sunday was spent for a religious convention. As usual, I will be posting here what I wore. :P

On the way to where it was held, I noticed the very good camera function of the phone I'm using: my SGH-I450. Photos below were taken to highlight the said feature of our phones. :P

And more vanity. :P :P :P

It's been a while since I avoided kids because of a sad experience. I hope you read about it here in my blog. Last Sunday, my cousin's daughter Kat kat approached me when I was experimenting with my digicam.

In the evening, my nieces again (this time from my father's side) visited us. I realized I've grown apart from them. Well it's not that I see them often but still, they're my nieces. And the youngest one, the cutest one for me hehe, was a bit aloof and wouldn't come to me.

But really I have this magic with kids. This has already been proven many times, even with kiddos that are not my relatives. Like last time in Bataan, it was the first time to see my Ate Maricel's daughters. I only spent there a day but before I went home, they were already asking when I'm going to return. Awww, sweet kids!! :) Here's Grizzly, Kaye kaye and Zsa Zsa. :D

Still can't get over and fond of these kids, I kept on looking at the pics in my office the next day and showed them to my officemates.

"Cute nila noh? Grabe tong mga batang to. Kaliliit pa lang ang hilig na mgpa-picture. Buti na lang wala ng film ngayon." I said.

Then Siegfred blurted. "Kung magsalita ka naman KC, parang wala silang pinagmanahan."

I was surprised with his response. Ayun, nakatikim siya ng matinding hampas sakin. Hahaha!!

Then it hit me. Omigosh, these kids!! They have such a smart and pretty Tita, I'm sure they'll all grow up to be of such kind. Wahaha!!!

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