Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Fruitful Saturday: RAIN and TOPSHOP OVERLOAD!!!

Unless there’s something happening on a Saturday (beach, religious conventions, day out with friends, etc.), you will never find me awake in its early morning. Like I said, most of it is dedicated to sleeping and my parents have grudgingly accepted this fact that I wasn’t of help to the house (well atleast I know they prefer it that way rather than me being on a constant date on a Saturday). :P But yesterday was different and was definitely worth blogging about.

At 7 AM, I was already awake and decided to do my supposed to be Sunday religious service. I think this was the primary reason why my day started out right. :P

Around 10AM – 12 NN, I decided to do my laundry which again is usually done on a Sunday night. Okay, Will, happy now? I just remembered your comment here. :P

12:00 NN – 3:00 PM. Had a hearty lunch. Ok, I’m not really a fan of my mom’s Tinolang Manok but the coconut juice really made it for me. Watched TV and got some shuteye.

3:30 PM was when I left the house for Gym. With the sizzling heat of the sun, I donned a very refreshing outfit and right after I closed our gate, it started to RAIN!!! And it was a heavy downpour. For the n raise to the 32nd power, I LOVE RAIN!!! It’s one of my life’s simple pleasures specially the unexpected ones. 4 days ago, I discovered my latest favorite song, my LSS (Last Song Syndrome): Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. So what happened was I put on my earphone, set it to the highest volume, opened my umbrella and walked in the streets with the song played repeatedly. I love that MOMENT!! It was a Youtube one!! :P I felt like throwing away my umbrella, sing out loud and dance to the music. Haha!! I would love to do that, only there are people around. :P I’m putting the song and my favorite part of the lyrics here:

Feel the rain on your skin No one else can feel it for you Only you can let it in No one else No one else Can speak the words in your lips Drench yourself in words unspoken Live your life with arms wide open Today is where your book begins The rest is still unwritten.

Aaaah, nice message. :)

5:30 – 7:30 PM, DANCING!!! Ü Finally, I managed to memorize the steps, attending a launching was all it took. I’ve finally released my inhibition, haha!! Now I can be brave to be infront of the class or challenge any pros out there. Kiddin’ about the latter part, haha!! Also after that, I did some work out. I admit that the Stepper equipment is not my strong suit before. I hated it in fact but yesterday I’ve come to love it. :)

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM TOPSHOP OVERLOAD!!!! I’ve been lingering to this shop for the past weeks when I saw the words: SALE, 50% OFF, buy one take one. I tried some dresses, vests, tank tops but for some reasons didn’t really purchase them. The words weren't registering themselves in my brain. Yesterday, I talked to the saleslady and clarified the sale. What I understood was that when you get two items, the one with the highest price will be paid and the other would be free. Wow, that was awesome. I can be slow off the mark sometimes, huh?? So when I first made my first pair (yep, first) and the bill came out to be around Php600, I was like "Huh? Something’s really wrong here." When I inquired (yes, I’m honest. Haha!), I learned that in the 2 pairs, the highest priced one will also be discounted to a half!! Not only I am slow off the mark, I’m a complete moron!! What have I done lingering to this shop before?? Now the dresses I fitted are now gone!! My heart panicked and I started picking up the vests I’ve been yearning to buy ever since I laid foot on that store. In fact, I feel like trying on every assortment of dress in there (hahaha!!!). Good thing, even if I’m a moron when it comes to understanding basic English (hehehe), it was nevertheless compensated with my math computation. The technique here is to get a pair with almost the same price. The 2k worth of my four items could’ve been higher had I made the wrong combination. 2k for 4 items!!! The highly priced one is even higher than that, NOW THAT’S A STEAL!!!

corporates, night-outs, casual mix

9:00 PM – 11:00 PM Facial service. There’s supposed to be a night out with Lisa but she once again backed out. Yes, it was my intention to make it bold. Haha!!

Now this is what I call a fruitful and balanced day. Lots of things can really be accomplished when you start your day early. Of course in my logical mind I know that, it’s just that I’m too tired on the 5 day workweek and Saturday has been my only rest. This must definitely become a routine, if only INSOMNIA would leave me permanently. :P


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you did your laundry? Cause you're blogging about buying new clothes because they're on "sale".
I'm just jealous about your shopping habits. I've been told to stop spending my life away by my financial advisor, cause my portfolio was dwindling with my recent purchases lately lol.. (He won't let me upgrade my dSLR.. byebye Nikon D300 :(

Oh to be young, with no responsibilities lol.. The good ole days. Makes me want to reminisce on the life I use to live. :(

My Midlife Crises Is In Full Gear


Anonymous said...

I knew it!! I know you're gonna react!! Hahaha!!!

But of course I did my laundry..but tell me, am I going to pass up on that sale?? of course not..haha!!

no..i envy you..i really should mature up when it comes to afraid that one time all these splurges will take its toll on me..={

Oh to be young, with no responsibilities lol.. The good ole days. Makes me want to reminisce on the life I use to live. :( - looks like we've got one great poet here..hahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

It's only been two weeks and I've already broken my promise on not to shop.. I just put up a bid on a Nikon D200.. #$*%&!!! I'm like a chick, no self control when it comes to shopping. ARG.. at least this one is used so it won't hurt me financially lol.
Good news for you is, if I win, I'll mail ya my Nikon D70s..


Anonymous said...

whoa!!! NO KID??? Then good luck on grabbing the bid!!! Hahaha!!! What's so special on this D200 eh? Sorry, i'm a moron when it comes to these?? But maybe not in the future..bwahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

It just has a larger mega pixel lol.
I lost the bid :( !!. It sold for 840+25 shipping. My Max amount was 800.. I'm relived and annoyed at the same time that I didn't win. I haven't broken my promise on shopping, but I still want to upgrade my camera SO BAD!
Maybe I'll just buy a MAC AIR laptop.