Wednesday, December 26, 2007

SG Day 5 Travelogue: The CnK Madness

( i just realized Joy's already here and I haven't finished this ;-)

If there’s one sports I wish to officially call my own, it would have to be swimming. And if there’s one lesson I learned from all of the business trips I had, that is to always bring a swimsuit; which is what I did. Except that, the promised 15-min workout each morning didn’t pan out due to the hectic nights I’m joggling between Joy and my counterparts. Today is the last day in the hotel and I haven’t fully used the amenities yet. So after a hearty breakfast downstairs, I put on my 2007 swimsuit and plunged down to 4th floor for swimming. I love swimming. It works out all muscles of your body in a refreshing way. Plus, I love the sexy attire also (next to tennis outfits). ;-) After some minutes, I was joined by Dien from Vietnam whom I learned is a certified sports buff.

After some 1.5 hour, I decided to call it enough work-out and cosseted myself with a super extended lathery bath. I will meet Joy after lunch and our agenda is somewhere in Sentosa. It started raining as soon as I’m packing my things and figured that this might impede our Night Safari adventure. It’s been raining a lot these days in SG. Big splashy drops that puddle in the gutters and drip off canopies (Huh? Where did this come from?) Before I checked out, I did some photo-op in my room.

Last day Photo-Op

When the door of her flat swung open, there I saw Joy wearing a top which had the same style as mine. Back in the Phils, we used to plan outfits together as though we’re twins. But this is something clairvoyant. I swear, we didn’t really talk about it. Aaww, some things never change. We truly are sisters. So, this called for another cam whoring session (ala Beautiful Liar) ;)

Beyonce, Shakira =P

Just as expected, the two men we’re going out with (Joy’s bosses) advised us not to go since the animals might not be out in the open. It’s sad. I really want to maximize my stay here and as much as possible visit every famous place. But its ok coz when the agenda gets cancelled, there’s always one good substitute activity and you very well know what would be it. Just like what they say, “When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping.” Wahaha! :D

Out the 3 of us went to Vivo City somewhere in Bedok. I’m in my comfy flats and top so I’m sure the night before incident will never happen again. :) I have to buy something for folks back at home. There are a lot of boutiques we visited in that big mall but I can’t find anything that is good yet cheap. Hehe. Besides, the auto “times 30” in my head is going on when I see the price in Sing dollars and I have to say things here are quite expensive. So for a good 1.5 hours of walking around, I settled for some neckties for my dad and tito bet whom I owe a lot for driving me to the pick-up point during Intel days (Joy’s dad) and a Mango bag.

It must be destiny (haha!) when our feet finally landed last to our fave shop. Those exquisite shoes and lovely bags reminded me that I'm in my element, indeed my natural habitat. What else but Charles n Keith? The position of the store being from far end from where we entered and the fact that I haven’t bought anything yet (I almost settled for some bag before), I know it’s meant to be. As you all know the sale is still ongoing and Singaporeans are still going gaga inside. My hands fast-picked the nicest bags from the racks (actually, almost everything are gorgeous I wanna buy them all, haha!) and started fitting those precious shoes, stilettos and wedges. The sales lady reckoned we’re big time shoppers and informed us of the discount card benefit for reaching a certain amount. Yes, this has to be kept a secret so you won’t keep tabs how much I spend for shopping, haha! With 4 bags and 1 nice red wedge plonked on the counter, I computed I need a little more to get the much coveted discount card. Hey, don’t look at me like that. The 2 bags are for my mom and Tita. Besides, this panic-buying is justified because (1) I really dreamt of a shopping spree abroad with my BFF (2) this is a SALE with a lot of items not available in the Phils and (3) surely if I was buying too much, I was just helping the world economy. =P =P =P I’m currently eyeing one more bag when Joy came up with the brilliant idea of joining their purchases on the receipt. Pshaw! Several hundreds of Sing dollars later, I got hit by the fact that the discount card can’t be used in Phils. Phhhbbbbt! It’s my penitence for behaving badly the night before and another reason for my recipient to love me:

my very happy recipient

me and my shopping bags

in front our fave shop ;-)

shopping break

I figured I’ve got everything already and decided to call it a day. Dinner will be spent at Joy’s flat for she will cook white pasta. Yum! But then we passed by this very intriguing donut store because of the very long queue it has. They have posted signs of ordering a maximum of 2 dozens only and another sign informing customers of hiring a lot to accommodate them. I think its SG’s #1 bagels so it’s a must-try. Joy went on the queue and Juliet and I were already picking from the mouth-watering flavors on the display. I was curious why only Yet and I were picking and after some time I asked Joy why. Then she reiterated the fact that she doesn’t like much sweets! Bollocks! I couldn’t believe I got blasé on this; it hasn’t been that long. :(

SG's # 1 Donuts
I was disappointed with the tastes of the donuts. I'd prefer my Cream Cheese Go Nuts Donuts. =P For dinner we filled our stomachs with Joy’s yummy pasta while watching TFC on TV. Then she told me that when she was cooking, she felt like she’s just at home, because of me. Reminiscent of those times when she taught me how to cook (with me forgetting all the details hehe), I felt a glow within me. I hope it was somehow enough to ease her longing for home.

I wasn’t hoping for any more bedtime chikahan with her for the afternoon had been energy-consuming already. She slept early and the addict that I am went online for a short while to check on my usual stuffs before hitting the bed, or at least my mattress next to her bed. ;-)

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