Friday, December 21, 2007

The Secret Behind Singlehood

Has anyone of you ever read The Secret? Don’t worry guys, I haven’t also. Hehe. But someone from way back told me that it’s about if you want something badly, you think about it all the time (as if programming your brain to think that way) and eventually you will attract that thing (as though forces of nature conspired for you to achieve it).

Hmm..I’ve been thinking lately and if there’s one thing that conjures up to me is this: SINGLE WOMEN. Not that I’m thinking or ever dreaming of being an old maid but I noticed it among my closest friends.

Joy, Lisa and Tytana

I’ve posted their photos (gurls, I hope no moral rights were abused hehe) just to show you guys that you can’t pinpoint anything when it comes to their physical appearances. Of course, I do attract beautiful girls. ;-)

Before, staying single for long especially for girls like them was a big puzzle for me. But as I do struggle with my own predicament, I learned not to find the answers for they will come in due time.

Take for example my BFF Joy ( single for almost 2 years now). Last month, I learned of their financial situation when I visited her family in Laguna. During the long ride home, I ended up realizing how she really needs to concentrate first on her job abroad and also endure being away from her family. The opportunity really came in time and I do hope that the right one will come for her when everything is a ok already.

Though I’m still not convinced on this, Lisa needs to love herself first before she shares hers to the one. Believe me, I’ve seen this girl go gaga over her man and it’s not healthy. At times I see her “emo” posts and I can’t help but feel for her. At the same time, I always find Sam’s comments so reassuring that I once felt ashamed and thought that we’re such a burden to him. So in behalf of Lisa, I’d like to remind Sam that we are genuinely happier now and say thanks for being there for us always. :)

As for Tytana, she needs a man who not only matches her WEALTH and RICHES but her soaring standards on men. Simple as that, haha! She needs a “God”. Hehehe.

As for me??? Hmm, let’s see. It can either be these: (1) I’ve got 3 men in the family whom I felt got neglected during the times I was head over heels with my ex and I need to make it up to them first or (2) I have to learn how to use properly this deep reservoir of patience and understanding in me and escalate my threshold for forgiving coz I saw it ain’t brought me no good. *sigh*

Aargh! This whole single thingy-spend time alone blah blah blah has got me crazy over-analyzing things not only for myself but worst on others as well.

But then again if anyone of them gets attached, I could only be too happy for them. I just wish that it could be me who gets last ‘coz I want to be there for them always. Everybody now, aaaaawwwww!!!!

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