Saturday, September 08, 2007

Damage Recovery @ 24!

Just early this year, I underwent a mammography to check for some lumps being groped in my right breast area. After a week the result came out and thank God it was negative.

About two months ago, I went to an eye specialist to check on something that’s tingling from the inside of my right eye. The ophthalmologist found a tiny mass and prescribed a certain eyedrop to be used for two weeks that will somehow remove the irritating sensation. Yes, it has now vanished.

Why am I saying this? I just turned 24 today and everytime I feel an aching or any ailment in my body, I get all perplexed saying “Grabe, 24 pa lang ako.”

It’s not that I’m not taking good care of my body though there are cases that were unconsciously caused by my unnecessary vainness. Take for example, cosmetic wise, my toe nails that are now very thin and stuck to the flesh due to constant self-pedicure and how about some unwelcome varicose veins about to appear at the back of my knees due to my consistent use of platforms. *sigh*

But what about these shoulder and lower back pains caused by heavy carriage of laptop for some 2.5 years and some strenuous work positions that are now being slowly recovered by a monthly massage and nightly application of special oils and plasters? Are those supposed to be still my fault? I don’t think so.

Honestly, I really don’t wanna worry you my friends as to my condition. But the 1st two cases above are not unique scenarios, it can happen to all of us.

I know I just turned 24 and I should’ve said some things like being grateful to my existence blah blah blah. I am, honestly. And I’m not complaining. But I hope it’s not that bad if I impart a lesson that is more often than not neglected by other people: the simple lesson to take care of our health. ‘Coz there are really some times you’ll never know when it will just hit you and it will be too late for you to realize some of the important things in life. And after all, amidst all hurts and pains, we still find this cliché very true: “It’s still nice to live in this world.” :)

My oh my, I just turned 24 and I’ve just written the least fun post of my entire blog. =P


Dee Dee's Laboratory said... didn't tell me about the fist one.

actually i feel the same way here. Rmmber i jst turned 27 and i think my health starts to drop 2 yrs ago. i got my ganglion cyst on my left hand operated early this year.
also I think I am suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, i feel so tired even after i wake up in the morning. my legs and hands are numb esp at night. i also thought i am suffering on depression but i think that is because of the syndrome i have. not to mention every 3 months of being sick due to climate changing.

Maybe now we are suffering for the things we did when we were young. like in my case i never ate vegetables in my whole life. this makes me week and less resistant to viruses. u r right,we are still young but so damaged.

i even compare my health to my mom's but nothing compares to her. Yes, she have diabetes but he is more active and healthy than me.

what a lyf!
take care ok???

kCNeSs said...

hey mae..this one's sure a long could've written something on this lieu on your blog..hehe
anyways, the first one was posted check my feb articles under the previously tab on the right side..:)
havent checked ur site lately..i will promise..tata!