Monday, August 06, 2007

Toni and Paul Blah!

I used to like Toni Gonzaga but later on she became very boring to me because I think she’s not improving on her craft. She’s not even good in English. I also don’t like the fact that ABS is continuously giving her a lot of projects. What about the other talents? I think it’s a tad unfair that just because PBB is over she’ll have another show which is about showbiz gossips. And lately, the ultimate reason to envy her:

Gosh! I can spend a good deal of time oogling on how cute this guy is. Haha! Some girls can just have everything, can they? I was curious as to how good this director is but I’m not impressed when I watched the music video this morning. I can also spend a good deal of time sourgraping on them but I think it’s a bit churlish to do so. So I’m focusing on the positive thing: that their situation has once again defied this theory I have when it comes to love and relationship.

C α ____1_____

Career is inversely proportional to love or relationship

Engineers, go figure! Haha! Don’t get me wrong. Though I’m surrounded by friends with high-flying careers and successful relationship, I think it’s still different if you’ve proven it yourself. Right? Toni always says that Direk Paul is an answered prayer. And just like what Mariel said on a show, I think I'll have to pray more fervently. Bwahaha!!!

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