Friday, August 03, 2007


Copying Bea's line (and modifying it a bit): "Ang loyalty hindi yan ini-impose, ini-earn yan!"

Which is true, based on what I experienced recently.

There was this one drinking bout with my friends when Xtian told us that his father (who works as VP for San Miguel) admonishes them whenever they're patronizing a drink that is not a product of the said company. I, being a liberal thinker, thought that it's a bit over-acting. I mean, hello? What about variety?

A little history: When I started here at Samsung, I'm using my hot pink Motorola V3X which is just about 2-months old. I know my job will involve testing of mobile phones but I didn't really envisage myself ditching my űber-chic unit just to please the bosses here. Never! In fact, when I saw a Nokia N93 here in our locker I got all excited and thought of bringing it home and use it on a weekend. I mean, it's an N93 for cryin' out loud! Who wouldn't want to use it? Same thing with the O2 here used for comparison purposes.

Days passed by, I observed that everybody here are using Samsung service units and I manage to hide my V3x whenever the higher bosses would come and visit our testing room. There were already the quips from managers here about using my phone and will slightly give a tsk! tsk! (with heads in disbelief) during times that I neglected it out in the open.

As different SLIM phones pass by my hand each day, I find it hard to use my Hellomoto phone. It's no question that it's eye-catching and stylish in appearance but I have to admit it, it clearly lacks a bit in the ergonomics department. Until finally, I found the service unit that finally moved me to leave it at home (ok, I still carried it for some days): my űber-dependable D900i. A 3-MP slide-up with FM radio and mirror-like finish. Very businessy type I know but it was solely responsible for the scenic shots during our stay in Puerto Galera. (see related article for photos)

Lately, more and more models came in that just simply made me ooh and ahh at each slimness albeit complete features until I just found myself bringing home a minimum of 3 mobile phones a day (oops, no tipping for the bad guys ;) and sometimes up to 6 when I'm going out with my friends. =P Here are my personal faves and how do I model them.

a. I600 "Ultra Messaging"

Why I love it?
Function wise: Synchs my MS Outlook to check on my mail often. Saves my documents so you can view wherever you want.
Fashion-wise: Just gives me this top executive look when matched with a bordered eyeglasses. :P

b. F300 "Ultra Music"

Why I love it? Who doesn't love Beyonce??????

c. F500 "Ultra Video"


Why I love it? Well, I just watched Die Hard 4.0 on that phone. =P

d. U100 (World's slimmest)


Why I love it? I can just flash it with an air as if saying "Move over, I have the world's slimmest phone here."
e. U300

Why I love it? You just won't simply won't believe the sound it actually produces on that slimness.

f. U600

Why I love it? Love the namecard recogniton. Simply get a picture of the calling card of your business contact and save it in your phonebook. ;)

g. P930

DVB-H capable P930
Why I love it? Let's me watch my Meteor Garden rewind even in the testing room. Haha!!

Those are our current flagship phones as of this quarter. :P I think this is better PR than any of the marketing has ever done. Haha!! I should get a reward for this aside from the TV, hihi. Anyways,

Heard it from a loyal Samsung-errr!! :D

**features are hyperlinked on the names of the phone below the pix
** watch out for the spoof version of this article, haha!!

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