Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Of Licensure and Of A Fruit :)

Felicitations to Dexter Allan Brazil for making it in the nursing licensure examination. God knows how he studied hard for it. Not to mention how he worried so much after forgetting to shade his questionnaire set during the first day. Well, I was troubled as well after coaching him so much a day before. (Come to think of it, I was so proud of having remembered him and offering tips being the veteran myself, nyahaha! I give full credit to my single hood for that. Ü)

“Dekkie, I’m so happy for you. You come home na and give us your treat alright? :D Miss yah!”

Now, on a completely unrelated matter. I’m obsessed with my current ringtone now. Haha! Yes, I’m shallow this way. :D

And to this I say, nobody does it better than my man himself, Mr. Edu Manzano! Bow! :)

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