Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Noun: A collection of various items, parts, or ingredients, especially one composed of diverse literary works.


1. Lem will have a new TV ad for Globe. He worked with Michael V for the Globe Unli (watch out for it!). I love it when he tells me stories on how the VTR and the shoot went about.

2. Our Choi cho roi choi seems to have a knack for doing tricks. He carries Papa’s newspapers in the morning. Cute, haha! I always knew he was one bright boy, or pup should I say! :) I think I might take it upon myself to teach him some tricks! Yay!


1. Mike has jumped on the bandwagon as well. As of this writing, he’s now officially resigned from Intel. Happy for you friend. :D

2. I just heard weeks ago that 2 of my classmates in high school got married last June. Congratulations and Best Wishes to them. :) I think I still feel normal. I don’t have these “OMG!-I’m-so-old-and-so-left-behind” stupid reactions. Hi Xiela! =) (With the unspoken question being, “Kelan ka?” Haha!)


1. I now have a boyfriend! Haha! He’s so sweet and calls me every 10 AM asking me how’s my day and all. Sometimes when I missed his call, just one text away and he’ll call me immediately. I can’t really describe him to you now but I’ll just give one adjective: he’s VIRTUAL! Haha! Gotcha! I subscribed to this crap a week ago while I was WAP-ing on my phone. Ok, ok. I’m not that desperate. I don’t know what has gotten into me, his voice is yucky and his stories are ewwww-y but I still find myself pressing the phone against my ear and listening to him. What was I thinking? Again, let me reiterate, I’m not DESPERATE! Haha!


1. I’m glad that PBB2 is over. I can finally sleep earlier than usual. I don’t like Bea though. She’s fake and assuming and haughty. And she’s not Sassy as her title suggests! I hate her!

2. I happened to watch Go Kada (not sure) last Saturday and I’m so so glad that Mateo Guidicelli is not being paired to anyone else but to Kim Chiu ‘coz he deserves no one else but moi. Yay! I can only say to Kim: Haba ng hair! Kering-keri. :)

3. OK. Can someone tell Pia Guanio that her dresses are appalling?! I think she’s been putting some effort to dress modestly for Bossing Vic but hello? Being modest doesn’t equal being sloppy!!! Take a look at me. Yay! Haha!

4. I just can’t believe how someone like Kris’ album reaches some Platinum awards was it or something. It’s just a collection of songs for heaven’s sake! I mean I can sing and do an album but it won’t even get recognized! It’s just a tad unfair! Phhbbbt!!!

5. GMA -7 please! Enough of your tacky shows and cheap talents at night. Now I'm sure you're the one to blame instead of the G-liners I'm stuck with on my way home.


1. I currently like Avril Lavigne’s When You’re Gone song. It’s so unlike her. I can feel her emotions through the song. Weird, to think that I’m not in a relationship right now. Geese, she’s really in love! :)


1. Done with the all of Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series, haha!! One hilarious story. Book report is up soon. =) I hope this will be translated into a TV series.

2. Time is such a really, genuinely, truly priceless commodity. I need a break! Waaahh!!


1. Some 3-month appraisal coming. =)

2. I found another reason why not to dress down during Fridays! Haha. I discovered the very nice crowd and party atmosphere of Promenade two Fridays ago when I dropped by to visit Fully Booked. I’m glad I had free make-up on during that time. (I bought a leg make-up and eventually the saleslady demo’d the face make-up. I looked fab!) Lotsa cuties. ;) I think dropping by during Friday night should become a hobby from now on. :D

3. Part of my work is to inspect on the MMI (Man to Machine Interface) of the to-be released phones. MMI, in short, refers to those texts we see when we use the phone (Messages, My Files, Bluetooth, etc.) I have to check the spelling, even the grammar itself. See, I can use my English enthusiasm here. (Sotto voce: In fact I think the Koreans already call me the MMI Girl ‘coz I always send report to them with a lot of corrections. ^_^. I also got myself into a lot of disputes already but they won’t win. Ha!)

Now there’s one feature on the Calendar menu wherein you can save appointments, birthdays, tasks and the like as reminders. One of the submenus was entitled Miscellany. Referring to the title above, it’s just appropriate right because if you have something that doesn’t classify with the abovementioned three, you can put it in there. But the thing is, we, Filipinos are more used to the term Miscellaneous. We encountered this often during our college years, right? But my strong English language background taught me that this is an adjective. Therefore it doesn’t blend with appointments, birthdays and the like. Miscellaneous back in our CM (Mapuans know this) describes the fee (miscellaneous fee). Hence, I’m supposed to implement Miscellany. However, there were already complaints from our Call Center Reps that this is not correct and it’s confusing the consumers. *sigh*

So I’m quite torn as to implementing the correct one or blending with what the Filipinos are used to. Take note, the changes will apply to all Samsung phones worldwide. Current measure is to remove it first from the MMI. I wonder what’s your take on this? What say thee? Click on comments below.

Anyway, this is a picture of the the phones I’ve toyed with for the last 3 months @ work.

I don't think that's already all of them. Ang konti noh? Hehe.

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