Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mah Crib

I hate people milling about in my room and gasping at the variety of items one’s eye can feast on inside it. You’re already aware of how my room’s always a clutter due to the assortment of things and different collections I have. Even worse, Kuya Jeff once called it “basurahan” referring to one of my pics in friendster.

I’m not bragging on how beautiful my collections are but they’re every common lady’s cherished possessions. Things that will make you look again when you see them in a department store or any boutique. The only difference though is that they’re not pleasantly displayed in my room.

When I say people, I don’t mean everyone at all. My closest friends would be welcome but not even close relatives. Take Gee Ann for example, my cousin of about 7 was prohibited from entering it. Why?

Because she’s such a young girl for her to give in to the sin of coveting these grown-up items. I can still remember when her family was still residing in our apartment behind our house, she would follow me in my room after arriving from the church on a Sunday afternoon because that’s the only way for her to catch the room open. And I would hurry up to my room so she can’t catch up and lock it until she knocks the door and knocks but I won’t open. (I’m a bad cousin ayt? Oops this is still covered by the shut babies and kids thing mentioned here.) Expectedly, she would give a power wail until everybody pities her and I’m officially considered a villain. Still I won’t open it. I’ll change clothes quickly and come out reasoning the room’s already closed. Finished! :D

Allow me to elaborate: I’m not the bad guy here. I’m actually doing it for a good cause. You see, when I was young (oh I’m really not comfortable talking about it here) but I was sort of deprived of things that I want. The word’s not overrated considering the fact that my dad has an average income as a seafarer and I’m the only daughter. I used to envy those young girls being pampered by their moms of girly items, toys and all. (I already mentioned how tight mama is when it comes to money.) And considering Gee Ann’s case, I don’t want her to feel that she’s lacking anything because truthfully though our case is exactly opposite when it comes to father’ income, she’s having anything she wants because there’s Tita Precy providing for her. I don’t want her to grow up like me justifying my spending for some stupid reason that I was “deprived”. (My eyes all pink now.)

Anyway, I’m supposed to rant not emote. Pardon for being sidetracked again with some of my drama queen scripts. Now back to my room. What I’m saying is that only a person with a heart and passion like me can really go through the “hardships” of cleaning it. Mind you, a day is not enough to fully clean it. For a week now, we hired a helper. (I don’t dare call her housemaid because that’s so demeaning.) Hand on heart, I truly appreciate these persons and everyone that has joined the household was not treated indifferently. They can attest to that. So I’ve been observing her work and I can see that she has an “eye” for organizing things which I’m really thankful for ‘coz otherwise I might redo the piling after she cleansed them.

Tuesday night, I came home shellshocked with what I saw. My room was cleaned, stuffed toys all gathered, accessories in their place, bed clear of clothes and shoes in their respective boxes. I was just slightly happy because first of all Mama didn’t ask permission first to do that. She knows I’m just a ring away. 2nd of all, I ran through my items just to check for anything that’s probably missing. (Hey, I have the right. She’s just fresh from start.) I looked through each corners wondering in the assortment of each I can really discover something’s missing. Then aha! One of my plaques is missing.

It was late when I arrived and almost everybody’s asleep but I still went to Mom’s room to know what happened to my Intel plaque. Each and everyone in the household knows how on situation like this, I turn diva on them. (My bad, I know) But I was considerate. I can’t blame her right now. And so, out of suppressed emotions; I’m thinking that she presented herself to clean my room just so she can itemize all the things and take pleasure upon seeing them. It’s my sort of revenge towards her and I’ll never ever bring her near my room again. EVER!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dang! It's ok! Just talk to your mom about it. I know your mom is the same as my mom. They are the most frugal person ever been born on earth...but i still think you have a great mom there, just learn to appreciate the things their doing for you. They just want the best for us. I used to make "tampo" with my mama too, especially when I need money she wont give me...but being "matipid" is something I really understand now...