Friday, June 08, 2007

ala Sophie Kinsella - Need Your Help

OK. Don’t panic. It’s just a matter of thinking laterally. It’s all about socializing and having fun: a cocktail party with the SOCIALITES for the launch of our new phones Ultra II. WOW!! You very well know how I love these events. Or maybe someday I’ll get sick and tired of them. But anyways, we were briefed last Wednesday night about the set-up of the program. I listened intently to Ma’am Fe trying to show a business-like expression as she explains how the party will go about but it’s no good, I can feel my lips twitching slightly with frisson of delight. I just can’t stop smiling about it. I’ve been floating all along ever since I heard it.

But at the same time I was scared. You know why? Tables will be arranged in a line of 24 with 2 queues facing each other. AND, our seating arrangement is yet to be given next week. That means, we, the Samsung folks will be distributed along with the socialites and we will never know who we will be hobnobbing with. Take that! I mean, what if it’s Lucy Torres or Ino Sotto? What am I going to say? Gosh!

It could’ve been perfect if we were just grouped in a circular table, right? Ok. I would like to clear this. I don’t love these events just because it will give me a chance to mingle with the higher people of the society. Mind you, that’s the least of my concerns. It’s just quite fun to actually see them in person and surreptitiously glance on their luxurious items. (Last time Phoemela Barranda was holding a silver papillon LV and that’s what I first noticed in her, haha!) There will be a fashion show. I love seeing those perfect figures and clothes! Plus, I will be given the chance to flash myself in a fashionable outfit. Yay! Ok. So the term quite fun I said earlier seems a wee underrated. The word that actually springs to my mind is, FANTABULOUS! :)

So here I am in my room. Laid in my bed is a clutter of my dresses that I’m toying for the event. And now that I mentioned it, I wonder ever since when was my bed clear of my clothes? Like almost never! Anyways, I can make no mistake about it this time. The very fact that Ma’am Fe is a bit rattled also for the event means something. I mean, her, being used already to these kinds of events. In fact I saw her in one of the Preview mags. All the more I must prepare.

Cocktail. Goodness! I don’t even know what a cocktail dress looks like until I Googled it yesterday. It brought me to a Wikipedia definition of the drink itself and God! I remembered Ma’am Fe reminding us on the drinks that will be served. Once upon a time, the thought of liquor would have sent me in panic. But it's ok now, remember Davao? Ha-di-ha! Back to the dress, sure enough I have lots of dresses but I just sort of categorized them into two: Sunday outfits and party-type. I’ve made up my mind that for this event, I will wear something that screams “safe and fashionable” and just observe first what everybody’s wearing. Next event will be my turn to experiment.

So, I funneled down my choices into these and compared them with what I saw on the web. Guys, need your help to decide on this matter. Please, please click on comments below and vote for your choice.

Option 1: My 1st choice. (See, I still can use it. ;)

Option 2: My LBD (fahsionista's term for "Little Black Dress"). It is a well-known "rule of fashion" that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Option 3: Another black. This one is slightly used.

Option 4: Put on my Becky Bloomwood mode and go SHOPPING!!!! Weee...=)

I'll appreciate your comments guys. You still have 'til Monday so I can check in the afternoon and get ready for the accessories during the holiday. Meanwhile, my weekend will be busy for beautifying. ;) Thanks. Mwah!

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Nivek said...

Definately option 2. At a cocktail party, a simple black dress says it all. You want to look nice, have the guys look at you because of your beauty and confidence, and not stand out. Some of the other choices are just too flashy in my opinion. Oh well, it doesn't matter coz I missed your deadline, sorry. I got caught up in the hospital with my dog this week. He is fine now, but he did have a very high temp of 107F, an infection in the blood, and pancreatitis.