Monday, February 19, 2007

What a Week That Was!!

Last week was a BLAST!! Not really last week, ww6.6 to ww7.6 to be specific (oops, Intel jargon there ;). It kicked-off with the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Pampanga & a couple of night-outs and new experiences for me. Here’s a rundown of the events: (Caveat: you may find it too long =P)

Feb. 10 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Clark Pampanga with the Burn-In folks

The website promised a lot of activities for the said day. However at 9 AM, we already found ourselves too exhausted to stay anymore in the field because of the scorching heat. The call time was too early; it’s 3 AM in Lisa’s house so I had to sleepover. We arrived late for the Hot Air Balloon ride (talking ‘bout some peeps’ tardiness) but it’s just ok. He treated us @ lunch in Max’s @ SM Clark anyways (it was Myk and Xtian’s boss;). Of course, none of us got a ride in the balloon (the ride is worth 150 USD and with reservations!) but that Xtian ditched us while we were busy picture-taking and got a short free lift in the PLDT balloon. Darn! There were some exhibits and flight displays. We also took the opportunity to visit Puregold Duty Free and to my dismay, I found nothing. I mean, the only difference there is that the prices are in USD (a li’l bit cheaper maybe) but all the rest you’ll see in an ordinary supermarket. Besides, the place is not good. It almost looked like forsaken. So in between we were at SM Clark where Lisa and I did the shopping. :) (Not to mention I was catching some zzz's during transits. ) What I also enjoyed the most in the program is the hot air balloon night glow. See slideshow below.

Feb. 11 Dinner Hosted by Family

There’s really nothing much in here because my invited folks from Laguna can’t come. We have a visiting overseer in the congregation and we hosted a dinner in our rooftop. Mom asked for catering services to make food preparations easier. What I’m anticipating the most is the videoke part which unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do because my uncle prepared some programs for the night. *boo hoo*

Feb. 12 Greenhills Tiangge

On Leave. Visited Greenhills and haggled for a bag in which after given in its lowest price ever, I decided not to buy anymore. =P Prices here are way up higher than in Divi. Hey, you can’t fool this certified shopaholic! Ha, ha! However, I can’t blame them. We once had a stall there sometime December 1998 and the rent is too costly.

Feb. 13 Eastwood

Since I was on leave the other day, I didn’t know Xtian has a counterpart from Intel Chandler visiting for work and that there is an agenda for the night. It’s a good thing I came prepared. See, it sometimes pays to be dressed up even for an ordinary day @ work. Ha, ha! Bimal is an Indian who grew up in the States. Well I’m glad it’s that way ‘coz he’s so outgoing and a really good company. So off we went to Eastwood after work and man! the uber cute guys are all there, left and right. ;) He was surprised to see Hookah here in the Phils so we entered the bar and he made us try the specialty, hookah! He said it’s “in” in India. I’m not sure if it will qualify as a cigarette but in the bottom of the thingy is flavored water. So you’ll sip in the tube then blow as if you’re smoking. ‘twas a different experience for us all. He told us that usually they put nicotine into it but ours was just an ordinary one since he knows most of us are non-smokers. I think it was already past 10 when we left and Xtian drove me ‘til Blue Wave where I can get a cab home. I love it when he does this drag-racing thingy in his car! The sound of the motor plus the bouncy and clubby music pumping out of the car's stereo, aaahhh! so reminds me of the Tokyo Drift! Hehe! Lisa and I even requested for him to invite us if he will have another competition. I am so looking forward. :)

Myk, Xtian, Christine, Me, Bimal & Lisa


Feb 14. V Day

This day could’ve been less ordinary had I sang with the acoustics performer in our cafeteria. What can I do? I have less friends watching (Lisa’s on leave) which means less support from them if ever I’ll be performing. Anyway, I’m surprised Mike volunteered to sing after we’re done eating and Rina joined him to do the percussion. Myk said I’ll sing next. So just when I’ve mustered enough courage to go up and sing, the band declared that their next will already be the last song. =( In my desperation, I texted my friend Kuya Choi who’ll be performing in McDo Cabuyao if I can drop by and just sing some songs on their gig that night. He said the sked was moved to the 16th. Arrgh! You see, I’m such a sucker for the microphone. A mic hog! Ha, ha!! So boring that day until I saw some beautiful flowers left in my cubicle,

Ha, ha! Gotcha! ‘Twasn’t mine. It was Fely’s. Aaaaww, Iceal is sooooooooooooo sweet. I hope they’ll last forever. =)

Feb 15. Good News on a Thursday

I received a text from my bro Lem that after his Chowking commercial, he is now the new endorser of Doublemint Bubblegum and will star a billboard for ABE. I’m so happy with the things going on for him. :) Hy, I can’t stop mentioning about him here.

Feb 16. RX Single’s Party @ Greenbelt3

The original plan was to go to Prince of Jaipur @ The Fort. But while on the car, Myk suggested to go to the said event. Why not? It’s free anyways. We dropped by first @ the Manila Peninsula where Bimal is staying for preparations. (So classy!). Afterwards, we decided to eat first @ CPK since the party’s still @ 10 PM. The party is color-coded so you’ll have to wear a baller-id with colors to choose from and a glowing bracelet (with colors too) upon registration. There were no more black baller which means straight so we had to choose gray for (doesn’t want to tell or undecided). Yikes! For the glow-in-the-dark bracelet, they also ran out of red for single. I already wore the pink one (w/c means virgin) along with my baller–id when I found Lisa, Myk, Xtian and Bimal all wearing yellow (it’s complicated). Since I don’t wanna be different and afraid that I might meet some bastards during the night ya know, I decided to change color. Ha, ha! The place is pretty crowded with a lot of I believe college students since I too am an avid RX listener during my school days.
On the way to greenbelt

@ Manila Pen w/ Lisa

I didn’t see any cute guys inside Bed Space so I was just dancing the usual and not making any of these eye contacts Lisa taught me when we were @ Embassy. There was this guy who keeps on dancing next to me but I’m not even looking at him ‘coz he’s too young and he’s not my type. Haha! =D Anyways, when I decided to see Rico Robles (he’s fat btw) I already headed outside the bar since I can’t breathe anymore inside. Besides, everyone else has an agenda except for me and I don’t have plans of hooking up with someone else. Shortly, Myk joined me outside and we were having fun commenting on everybody’s outfits specially those who are coming from their prom nights with their gowns on. Ha, ha! I’m really sleepy na so we decided to take a coffee @ Starbucks. Later, Xtian and Lisa in their tipsy form appeared and ordered coffee. I was enjoying Xtian’s XDA when Lisa said she’ll be introducing the friend of the guy he danced with while I was out. She thought I might find him cute. So they came and Lisa’s right (gurl, you really know my taste ;) but I just faced him casually. Meaning, I thought it will end just like that. It’s about 3 AM when the group finally decided to call it a night and decided to crash Bimal’s room @ the Manila Pen. How about that? ;) Overall, it was a happy night. I’m glad Bimal enjoyed it and me too ‘coz I’m with my payday-tagaytay-tambays friends. Bimal is leaving Friday next week and I’m excited ‘coz there are still agenda Xtian prepared on a day-by-day basis. :)

Btw, the friend of the guy Lisa danced with asked for my number. Uyyyyyyy, someone’s got a new textmate. :)
& I am so not mentioning his name noh? Ha, ha!

Feb 17 Solo Concert @ Home

Yeah! The videoke is still set-up in our living room. After arriving at 9 AM from Manila Pen, I decided to do my concert from 9 ‘til 2. Ha, ha! I don’t care if the neighbors are still sleeping, I just wanna SING my heart out of happiness! Haha!! This is the time to apply all the things I learned from watching PDA. Hehehe!! Plus, I found some new songs which I would like to include in my future solo album. LOLS……….. =))

HAPPY!! =)

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