Friday, February 16, 2007

The Playwright

Can you guys guess from what local scene this line is?

"Puro ka lang naman ganyan. Paawa effect. Kung gusto mo ibalik ang friendship natin, gumawa ka ng move. Kaso, di ko nakikitang gusto mong mangyari yun. Never did I see you feel sorry for what happened to us. You know why? Because all this time you never grieved with me. You're just too busy making yourself happy."

I bet you'll never know. Because, it's a result of one of my err, ka-dramahans in life. Mind you, there are a lot of those and this one just popped out recently.

I think I'm already over-dosed on watching soaps. =} Maybe, I was just lonely being dateless this Valentine's. =P

Or maybe, just maybe, I was really born with that talent on writing. =D Whatchu guys think? ;)

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