Wednesday, January 17, 2007

For The Love of Mangoes

I’m so happy ‘coz it’s now the season of mangoes. Monday night it was. I was walking along Divi going to my next ride home when I saw a stall selling this fruit. There were a lot actually. But that one’s just really mouth-watering ‘coz it’s already peeled off and looks so yummy. So just like a pregnant woman longing for something to eat, I approached the store to buy. In my excitement, I ate it while I'm still walking. I forgot the fact that I just had an espresso a while ago to relieve my headache and eating that might make my stomach rumble. Aboard the jeepney, how I enjoyed the envious looks on my co-passenger’s eyes as I continuously gobble up my delectable crop. =P After eating, I didn’t notice the fruit’s juice has already dripped off my bag and straight onto my pants. Haha!! What an experience for a first taste of mango this year! =)

Ah bsta, I better get those fish pastes ready. I believe one weekend when I will come home and see a bunch of ‘em stored on the dining table. =)

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