Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Bench Fever

Though we had the opportunity to watch it live since my brother is one of the models, the remoteness of our workplace didn’t allow us to do so. I got the chance to watch it yesterday and the only word I uttered was “Oooh-La-La”. Wahaha! The most Oooh-lala part was Wendell’s Superman Trunks. My golly, he was wearing a T-back! Haha! (Very naughty of me! =>) According to my friend, that was his usual outfit for the past years but it was my first time so I was really shocked!

‘Twas really a hotta hotta fashion show. My brother got to ramp twice, one was wearing the sporty and next was for the Victorian theme. (His pic posted below.) I’m so envious of those gurls bods. Gosh, I’ll give anything just to have ‘em. ;) It was my long dream to do that kind of stuff.

Well, it’s good timing that I watched it just this recent. Kinda reminds me to work on my diet and shape up for the coming summer so I can flash in those bikinis. Yeah baby yeah! =))

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