Monday, November 20, 2006

My Celebrity Look-Alikes c",)

from my previous site (original date: Oct 22)

Hey guys! You might want to check out this site to find the celebrity in you. I had fun exploring on my pics on the said site and I wanna share this result:

from left to right (top): Ueto Aya, Aya Matsuura, Brenda Song, Zoe Tay
from left to right (bottom): Ann Kok, Nakama Yukie, Lucy Liu and Maggie Cheung.
Oooh, I didn't imagine I had resemblance with Lucy Liu. hihi

As you would expect, I tried on a lot of my pics hoping to see nicer results ( ya know what i mean ;-) and my most favorite result is this:

I just can't believe it. Song Hye Kyo indeed aka Jenny of Full House =D. Well, it's just 72% accurate, hehe..
Not surprising that I saw a lot of Asian stars in almost all of the pixies I uploaded. Maybe it's because of my chinita eyes. Hehe.. But in almost all of them, this one celebrity appeared in 6 out of 8 pics i've uploaded.

Do you know her? She's Ueto Aya. The site is so kewl that it also has info on the celebrities and I found out that she's a young superstar in Japan.
Do I really look like her? All I can say is that she's one pretty talented girl. Hmm, I wonder how will everybody treat me if I'll visit Japan one of these days..hahaha!!! =))
Just to segue, while doing this I remembered last week I was mistaken by a taxi driver for a local TF star here with initials KK, duh!!
Just try it. Here's the URL: . Have fun! =D

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