Thursday, November 23, 2006

Heeeeeeeeeeeee's Baaaaaaaaack!!!!

(talkin bout some sudden switch of feelings in here)

Gosh, I really missed him. Rumors going around that he's about to leave the company..
Truth is, he was just away for a biz trip ( i just learned through my stalking power..hahaha!! =D)
I saw him this morning during breakfast and oh my!! he's still hot..I'm so blissful! =))
Our roads crossed again accidentally this lunch..It's kinda special coz to me that's how it all started..
He's really one special guy!! Because of him, I totally forgot all the bad things that happened yesterday.. =)
Maybe he's the reason why I'm pretty in pink today but i think the color of today is RED for LOVE??? ahihi..
This is one unpolished something ( i can't classify it eh!) i wrote about him, it's really needs scrubbing.. ;-)

ESC Records Room Hallway
Yes dis s wer we often mit
I cn only b conscious on myslf
Knowin ur jst 2 steps behind

Ur such a special guy
I rily lyk u
Normaly, I wud pursue u
Even f ur taken
Coz dats hu I am
Bt I jst cant
And i dnt know y

Something's holdin me back
Is it my giving up on luv??
Im sory bt I don't knw wat luv s anymor
Cors it can't b jst during 1st sight
Neither a 1.5 hr ride wit u on d bus

But stil let me thank u
4 giving me dis feeling
i wana cherish it

for wbct =D

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Shiela Amor said...

cnu c wbct?