Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ariel's Point


This has got to be the highlight of the whole Boracay trip (well aside from the erm beachside photoshoot which turned out really nice :P).  You see I went here with my SG-based college friends.  We all had different flights going to Kalibo and it was only on the night of Friday when all six of us got completed.  And since all of us have been here on the average more than thrice,   it's safe to say that we've tried most of all the activities available here.  

But when I heard about Ariel's Point from my brother's trip last year and saw his cliff jump shots, I know that it's something extreme that I must try.  I brought it up to my friends and being the cool friends of mine that they are, they all agreed to go.  Only on the day itself, Joan was not feeling well and begged to stay in our hotel with Randolph accompanying her.

I'm not really sure if it's the only batch they do per day but we left at around 1130 from their Station 1 hotel after paying the damage fee of Php 1,500.00.  It's inclusive of the buffet lunch and unlimited drinks.  :D  The travel time via boat was around 45 minutes and among the nearly 100 people who had the same itinerary that day, I can say about 80% were foreigners.

Bong, Lyka and I (taken by Plok)

On the way to the cliff, they were already serving the drinks (choice of soda or San Mig beer) which was quite a pleasant surprise for me (only to find out later why).  And obviously from the picture, we were still enjoying our take out choco banana shake (oh how I missed it, lol!  I only got to drink it after the shoot was over, hahaha!!!) so we passed out on the complimentary drinks for the time being.

Upon arriving, we noticed a group of Caucasian men (their boat prolly arrived first) about to make a show for all the two boats that were just about to dock.  They were all lined up at the 6 meter point, challenged each other to take out their shorts and started jumping one by one.  LOL!  And while they were there at the top hollering at us (with my mouths agape at what's happening, lol!), our boatman which seemed to be very much contented with his Air Supply playlist on the way to the cliff suddenly changed it to Katy Perry's Peacock.  I seriously cannot forget that moment.  Hahaha!!!

Making our way to the cliff, we realized that you really need that beer for the courage to jump in all the 5 categories: 3m, 5m, 6m, 8m and 15m.  LOL!  The tip was to jump at least around 5 times from the 3m before trying out the other points.

Just like the Caucasian men, most of the people also didn't pass out on the opportunity and started jumping on their preferred levels.  I don't know if it's just the beer being served but almost everybody were just in good spirits that time.  All the people were friendly and all smiles as they all encourage one another before jumping while the others were having fun cheering/ hooting their friends to try the higher level.  I even a met a group of Filo gays who were just too fond of my swimwear and pink lipstick.  I couldn't help but eavesdrop when they discuss their x-ray vision behind the Caucasian men's shorts.  LOL!

Yes I am fearless but just like any extreme activity, I don't like trying it out first from our group.  I had to depend on Bong and ask him what it's like.  Haha!  I waited for lunch to be served and rested for about an hour before I made a kickstart on the 5m.  No need for 3m for me, naks! Hahaha!!  This is me on the 2nd level, the 6m.  It took me two jumps to master the feet landing instead of the one which hurts my butt.  Haha!

Fearless on the 6m point

Oh yes as you can see from the picture, you can also do kayaking and snorkeling on the site.  Around 15 minutes before we depart the area at 4PM when Bong hasn't tried on the 8m, I decided to just do it without waiting for him.  LOL!  It was awesome, it took me forever before I resurfaced.  Hahaha!!  After the 8m jump, I was bolder to try the headfirst dive at 3m.  Even with a full-on polka dot swimwear, still I found myself topless during the plunge.  LOL! Btw, the one-piece is from Cotton On. :)

I thought the fun already ended when we left around 4PM.  I was wrong.  On the way back, we didn’t ride the previous boat we had (there’s no specific arrangement).  I didn’t think it was smaller from before but we were forewarned about safekeeping our items from getting wet (plastic bags were handed to us) just like the usual one before.  But what we didn’t expect was that boat will have a joyride on the way back.  The scene going back look like this below, hahaha!!!

OMG, it was so much FUN FUN FUN!!!  Yes I know some of the Koreans from the boat suffered from motion sickness and were just throwing up like crazy because of the waves but most of the passengers were just WHOOPING with every splash of water especially the European family in the photo above.  I admire how happy they are. :)  While waters were splashing, some party music were being played in the background (STARSHIPS, are meant to FFFLLLLYYYYY!!!!) while Coke Rum were being served.  We were just singing along and some were even dancing at the back!  Talk about a BOAT PARTY, HAHAHA!!!  Seriously, that ride back was the most enjoyable boatride I had in my entire life. This is me and Plok all wet from the water splashes! :D

I seriously recommend Ariel’s Point for all Boracay goers this summer vacation!!! ;-) 

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