Tuesday, June 09, 2015

CKS Memorial Hall

One of the famous attractions in Taipei, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is a national monument erected for the President Chiang Kai Shek who ruled Taiwan for 25 yrs (1950 – 1975). The monument, a white and blue structure, is surrounded by a beautiful park and is framed on the North and South by the National Theater and National Concert Hall.

As soon as we got into the place, I regretted that I skipped this part in my itinerary in my previous visit. The place is utterly beautiful. Other details of the place which I only found out as I do this post (haha!): the roof is blue and octagonal (eight being a lucky number for the Chinese) and the number of steps up the main hall is 89 to represent his age at the time of death. 

The view from above the stairs is simply breathtaking.

The ground level is where you find the library and museum documenting CKS' life and the main hall is where you'll find a large statue of him. We didn't have much time exploring the place for reason below, haha!

Because I traveled with yogini friends, we realized that CKS Memorial Hall is a perfect backdrop for yoga poses. Hahaha!!! P.S. This is my greatest achievement in Taipei, to be able to do the headstand. Hahahaha!!!

Obviously, we didn't have time exploring the main hall because of the photoshoots but we were lucky enough to catch the changing of the guards during our visit - where I realize that aside from finding cute pet dogs in the park, this is also where you find all the good-looking men in Taipei. Lol!

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