Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Taipei Day3: Din Tai Fung and Guang Hua


This was the last day for Plok and Wen so the plan was not to go somewhere far but instead enjoy a good lunch at Din Tai Fung. Here's a Ped Xing action with the girls otw to the train station, lol!

We were quite early so we didn't have to wait long thankfully for this eternally-hungry-bunch. Lol! I think the branch we went to was the one in Zhongzhan Road. 

Honestly, it's my first time to try that restaurant because I'm not much a fan of beef noodles. But I enjoyed the meal nonetheless specially my favorite sides hakaw. ;)

After that, we had to say goodbye to the SG girls and off we went to Guanghua electronics district to check out their gadgets. Not sure if he's a permanent fixture there but this Golden retriever is just so adorable staying obediently at this spot and welcoming the shop's visitors. You just couldn't resist taking a photo with him.

Look at him in action, haha!

Bong was able to buy something I believe, a power pack, something that I am in DIRE need of and yet stubbornly insisted to refuse to buy. He has an extra anyway, lol! Anyway, cutting the post short here to focus on the next place we went to on the succeeding travel post - the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. Soon, hopefully. *cross fingers* =))

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